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Proud Husband Of Shanola Hampton; Daren Dukes Shares Two Kids With Actress Wife

Updated On 03 Mar, 2022 Published On 31 Jan, 2020
Proud Husband Of Shanola Hampton; Daren Dukes Shares Two Kids With Actress Wife

Can you imagine what it must be like to be the gorgeous and talented Shanola Hampton? But, can you also imagine being married to such a stunner and raising children with her?

Surely, it's a privilege that none of us will get to experience that, but when you look at her marriage, it's a more wonderful feeling to know the actress shares a blissful relationship with her boyfriend turned husband, Daren Dukes.

But, Who is Shanola Hampton's Husband?

The fans of Shanola Hampton, prominent for her role as Veronica Fisher in the hit Showtime comedy-drama, Shameless, are happily aware that their idol is happily settled down in life with the love of her life. But, what do you know about Mr. Dukes?

Shanola Hampton is married to husband actor Daren Dukes with two children. SOURCE: Instagram (shanolahampton)

The happy husband of Hampton likewise is an actor and writer, known for his work in The Hanged Man and The Marriage Tour. But, his name is often not heard much in the public, since he doesn't appear much in films and on tv screens in comparison to his wife. 

Whatsoever, career has never been trouble or a matter of problem for this beautiful couple whose relationship was built on the basis of mutual love, respect, understanding, and acceptance.

Actress Shanola Hampton and her husband Daren Dukes with their two children; Cai MyAnna Dukes, and Daren O.C. Dukes. SOURCE: Instagram (shanolahampton)

No wonder Daren and his beautiful wife are still happily together even after two decades since they united as husband and wife on the auspicious day of 11th March in 2000. And, in the meantime, the Grand Theft Auto V actor resides in Los Angeles with their two beautiful young children.

Who Are Daren Dukes & Wife Shanola Hampton's Kids?

In her bio, Dukes's wife proudly mentions that she is a happy mom, not just a happy wife. True to her words, the alum of Winthrop University is a great mother to her children, including firstborn daughter, Cai MyAnna Dukes and the youngest one, a son who they named Daren O.C. Dukes.

Daren Dukes as pictured with his two children. SOURCE: Shanola Hampton Instagram

Daren and Shanola, both shared a statement to People in September 2013 to announce the couple was expecting their first child, stating that words can't express the joy on expanding their family. And, nearly four months later, Dukes' wife gave birth to Cai weighing 6 Ibs with a height of 20 inches.

Son, Daren Jr. then added more happiness to the family of three when he entered the couple's world on May 9, 2016. His parents were happy to share the details on the birth of Daren, revealing that he weighed seven pounds.

Beautiful sights of Daren's kids and himself can be enjoyed by the fans of Hampton on her Instagram page. Shanola and her beloved husband are still going stronger together in 2022. Bless this beautiful family of Hampton who is to be next seen as the lead role on Found which will be aired on NBC.

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