Home Article Rashad Jennings; Winner of the Dancing with the Stars season 24, know about his career, Affairs, and Dating life

Rashad Jennings; Winner of the Dancing with the Stars season 24, know about his career, Affairs, and Dating life

Updated On 24 May, 2017 Published On 24 May, 2017
Rashad Jennings; Winner of the Dancing with the Stars season 24, know about his career, Affairs, and Dating life

NFL player Rashad Jennings is the Winner of the Dancing with the Stars season 24. is still single and not dating anyone.

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The most awaited finale of season 24, Dancing with the Stars just ended making the NFL star, Rashad Jennings the ultimate winner beating the co-contestant David Ross. What a victory!

The 32-year-old Jennings proudly raised his reward, the Mirrorball Trophy yesterday, with his dancing partner Emma Slater after the big announcement!

The celebrity football star has proved himself as a great performer on and off the fields and the journey of this inspiring personality is something, you guys should not miss out on knowing.

Rashad Jennings Defeats David Ross to Win Season 24 of 'Dancing with the Stars'!!

The handsome NFL running back player Rashad Jennings was improving a lot week after week on the DWTS and now all the hard work and injuries have finally paid for the star.    

Dancing with the Stars partners Emma Slater and NFL player Rashad Jennings, Source: NJ.com

Just yesterday, on May 23, 2017, Jennings was announced as the ultimate champion of DWTS defeating his co-contestants, David Ross and Normani Kordei.

Rashad Jennings with partner Emma Slater holding the Mirror Ball Trophy after the announcement, Source: Daily Mail

The competition was really tough as all of the three finalists- David, Normani, and Rashad gave incredible performances making it difficult to speculate the winner.

Chicago Cubs star David Ross and pro partner Lindsay Arnold were in the final two with Rashad and Emma, Source: DailyMail

But when the announcement was made by the show's host Tom Bergeron, Rashad and his partner Emma Slater jumped with joy. Their happiness had no limits and Emma even leaped into Rashad's arms after the championship.

Grabbing the trophy he walked around the stage and all the competitors and judges gave hugs and congratulations to the winning pair.

Rashad started off as an average in the show but later continued to improve and top the leaderboards week after week.

Top three finalists of DWTS,  David, Normani Kordei and Rashad, Source: DailyMail

The show's co-host Erin Andrews also announced that Rashad did 362 hours of rehearsal in the entire show, which was 100 hours more than any other finalist.

One of the judges Bruno Tonioli after Rashad's final dance on the show gave him a big appraisal quoting,

"Watching you was like watching a rising star getting brighter, brighter, brighter, brighter — going supernova just at the right time.

'You really are one of the most charismatic and dazzling performers I've ever seen. Love you man, I really do."

The Mirrorball trophy was not just Rashad first one, but also the first ever trophy for Rashad's graceful dancing partner Emma Slater.

NFL player Rashad Jennings is still single: Know his past affairs

America's favorite footballer Rashad Jennings was grabbing spotlight all over the media with his outstanding performances on his show and all the ladies loved seeing him dancing with those moves.

Now, he's the winner and ladies we know you want him but first, it's better to find out if he's single or not.

NFL player Rashad Jennings, who was drafted by Jacksonville Jaguars, Source: CelebMafia

Well, we have a really good news! He's single and recently is not linked with any one of which we know. Previously he dragged rumors of him dating the sexy reality star, Angela Simmons as both were spotted a couple of times together in parties and event.

Rashad Jennings and Angela Simmons was rumored to be dating, Source: LipstickAlley

However, the rumors were all confirmed as fake when Angela she got engaged to a hot-shot businessman, Sutton Tennyson.

As for now, the handsome DWTS winner is busy celebrating his victory and not in a relationship with anyone. Perhaps he's secretly dating and wants to keep his private life away from the media.

But is it possible? What do you think guys? Please drop comments below to let us what you think about Rashad's dating life.

Personal Details about Rashad Jennings


Source: RichardJennings.com
  • Born and raised in Forest, Virginia, USA, Rashad Jennings is the famous American football running back.
  • Jennings completed his high school from Jefferson Forest High School from Virginia.
  • His football career started since high school as he played as a fifth string running back before that he was a 270lb. chubby kid with asthma and glasses.
  • He hadn't even imagined in his dreams that he would play football one day but after motivation from his coach he got transferred to Lynchburg Christian Academy started training for football.
  • Later on, he joined the college in Pittsburgh in 2005 and there he set a Big South Conference record with 3,633 yards, 42 touchdowns, and averaged 5.7 yards per carry.
  • Jennings rose to fame after he joined with Jacksonville Jaguars and started playing more exclusively. He was even entitled as starting running back for the team's 2012 regular season.
  • In 2012, he signed with Oakland Raiders and performed pretty well that led him to play with New York Giants signing a four-year, $14 million contract.
  • Jennings participated in the America's famous show, Dancing with the Stars with professional dancer Emma Slater in March 2017.
  • He won the show on May 23, 2017, making Jennings the fourth NFL player to win the show. Jennings has a net worth of total $6 million dollars.

All in all, we wish Rashad big congratulations for his success and hope he soon finds his lady love and settles down.

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