Home Article Reasons Why Ciarán Hinds & Helene Patarot Don't Want To Get Married Even After Thirty-Five Years!

Reasons Why Ciarán Hinds & Helene Patarot Don't Want To Get Married Even After Thirty-Five Years!

Updated On 10 Aug, 2023 Published On 04 Feb, 2020
Reasons Why Ciarán Hinds & Helene Patarot Don't Want To Get Married Even After Thirty-Five Years!

Okay, ladies, be honest, does your man really have to put a ring on it to claim you or make the relationship official? Are commitment, trust, and understanding in relationships really verified by marriage?

Because the Irish acting icon, Ciarán Hinds's ideal relationship with his long-term partner of three decades, Helene Patarot, tells otherwise. But, why haven't Hinds and Patarot tied the knot despite being together for a whopping more than thirty years?

Ciarán Hinds & Helene Patarot Will Never Get Married

Hinds, a Belfast-born actor, is known for his works in several renowned works including Game of Thrones starring Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, and Sophie Turner, The Terror, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, There Will Be Blood, and The Woman In Black.

Ciaran Hinds and partner, Helen Patarot.  SOURCE: Belfast Telegraph

And, it was also through his career whilst working as an actor for Peter Brook's version of The Mahabharata which was released in 1989, Ciaran met Helene for the first time. Whilst Hinds portrayed the role of Ashwathama, Patarot, also an actress by profession played the role of Gandhari.

The series made on a budget of $5 million was a massive hit. Needless to say, Ciaran and Helene who both earned more popularity through the drama based on the Hindu myth also became closer and eventually in love.

Check out the clip of Ciaran Hinds alongside his colleague Tobias Menzies talking about their series The Terror!

Fast forward three decades later, Ciaran and Helene are still in love and going stronger. The only question on the table that bothers the couple is why they never married. But, truth be told, Hinds has publicly admitted he will never tie the knot.

Why? Well, Hinds Doesn't Believe In Marriage

Before you jump to the conclusion, Hinds positively believe in love. But, the actor doesn't believe in the necessity to tie the knot to have a happily ever after. But, there's also another reason why Hinds never wants to get married.

Ciaran Hinds and her daughter, Aoife Hinds. SOURCE: Pinterest

Call it insecurity or phobia towards marriage, but Hinds admitted to being kind of afraid that he won't be able to keep up with his marriage vows. But, what about Helen?

Of course, Hinds says she has the dream to get married. But, when she is certain and assured that she is blessed with the best aka her boyfriend, the true love of her life who won't ever do anything to hurt her badly, the French actress of Asian origin, has sort of compromised.

And, that's something proved by their decades-long togetherness. Not to mention the fact, Hinds and Patarot are also parents to a daughter named Aoife Hinds, born in 1991. And, with the presence of a beloved child in the Hinds' life, it's obvious their love has only strengthened further.

Further, Aoife who followed in the footsteps of her parents is known for her roles in the Commuter, Derry Girls, and Cheat. Other than that, the family of three resides in France.

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