Home Article Steve Buscemi and Wife Jo Andres, Married for 30 years: Still a perfect Couple, living a perfect life

Steve Buscemi and Wife Jo Andres, Married for 30 years: Still a perfect Couple, living a perfect life

Updated On 15 Mar, 2018 Published On 24 Apr, 2017
Steve Buscemi and Wife Jo Andres, Married for 30 years: Still a perfect Couple, living a perfect life

Boardwalk Empire star Steve Buscemi is living a blissful married life with his beautiful wife Jo Andres and duo was blessed with a son. The duo is together since 30 years and they aren't getting a divorce.

Steve Buscemi, the renowned name in the tinsel town is widely recognized as an actor and film director. Apart from his successful career, he is also living a blissful married life with his beautiful wife Jo Andres.

Let's explore the private life of the star with his better half and their beautiful journey together.   

Steve Buscemi And Jo Andres' Blissful Married Life-Details Here               

The 59-year-old actor exchanged vows with his lady love in 1987. It's been almost three decades since their marriage and still, the romance between them is like it's first started, fresh and lovely. 


Steve and Jo during their 20's 
Source: Sunday Morning

In a recent interview, Steve recalled his first meeting with Jo and shared she failed to recognize him as a star.

He said,

“When we met, she didn't realize I was the guy on the poster. When we got to my apartment, she saw the same poster and said, 'That's you!"

Actor Steve with wife Jo at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Did you know, apart from acting and directing Buscemi has been involved in songwriting too and 'Broadwalk Empire’ star wrote a song for his darling wife, not for others.

Once Buscemi said in an interview: 

“Practically all those sad songs I wrote back then were inspired by a girl I was in love who was away for a month in Europe, with her ex-boyfriend no less.

Moreover, he added,

"I was convinced our short romance was over but when she returned, things heated up again between us. Her name is Jo Andres and if she ever leaves me, maybe I’ll start writing songs again (winking his eyes)."

Red hot couple on Emmy's Red Carpet
Source: Pop Sugar

As we all know, Steve received lots of recognization from Boardwalk Empire where he cast along with Paul Sparks, Jack Huston, Charlie Cox, Michael Pitt and many others.

The Child Has A Son Together

On the journey of 30 years, the duo has been blessed with a son named Lucian Buscemi and he is their only child. 

Steve with his wife and son
Source: Frost Snow

Now, Lucian is a grown-up guy and following his parents' footstep he is also involved in entertainment fraternity but not in acting or choreographing but as a singer. 

He is a vocalist and electric bass expert at a band named Fiasco.

Steve Buscemi As A Firefighter

Most of us are unaware before acting Boardwalk Empire star’s worked as a Firefighter between 1980-1984.

Steve as Firefighter
Source: Snopes

In September 2013, Brotherhood of Fire named Facebook page informed the actor regrouped with his old engine company in the days after 9/11, lending a hand when it was needed the most. 

It's always great to hear inspiring stories of successful people which we see on TV and movies.

Buscemi’s contribution after the attack is just the tip of the heroic iceberg, an introduction to the amazing narratives of selflessness and courage that define the experience of real firefighters.

Steven Buscemi: Quick facts

  • He was born Steven Vincent Buscemi on December 13, 1957 (Friday the 13th) to Dorohty; a host at Howard Johnson and John Buscemi; a Korean War Veteran.
  • He attended Valley Stream Central High School and graduated in 1975.
  • He stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m).
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. 

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