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Story Of Fivel Stewart & Boyfriend Andrew Kai That Will Melt Your Heart

Updated On 09 Jan, 2023 Published On 08 Dec, 2019
Story Of Fivel Stewart & Boyfriend Andrew Kai That Will Melt Your Heart

Fivel Stewart happens to be taken. But, sorry queer fans, the actress is in a relationship with a handsome man named Andrew Kai.

Is Fivel Stewart Gay?

For all the fans of Fivel Stewart, her onscreen romance as a gay woman with fellow co-star Brigette Lundy-Paine was fully appreciated by the fans of the critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama, Atypical, written and created by Robia Rashid.

Fivel Stewart played the role of a gay woman in Atypical. SOURCE: Fivel Stewart Instagram

Whilst Stewart played the character of Izzie, Brigette performed as her love interest and opposite the role of Casey. But, when it comes to her real life, Stewart happens to be romantically linked in a heterosexual relationship, and that shouldn't come off as a surprise. After all, she is just an actor doing her job.

This is because many Fivel fans on social media expressed sad messages after finding out that the Scorpio child was dating a guy. But who is the lucky dude to be dating the stunner?

Atypical actress Fivel Stewart is dating her boyfriend, Andrew Kai. SOURCE: Fivel Stewart Instagram

To get straight to the point, Fivel Stewart is dating her boyfriend, Andrew Kai, as per his social media presence. Andrew is also an actor, photographer, and aspiring model.

As per Celebsweek, Steward has removed Andrew from her Instagram, so it's unclear whether the couple is together.  

Stewart & Kai's Relationship Timeline

Both Fivel and her boyfriend are very private when it comes to sharing their relationship details and stories in public, apart from sharing a few pictures on social media. The former child actor didn't update the fans on her dating life until 2018 to make it official that she was officially off the market.

Kai, likewise, doesn't reveal much, either. The photographer, however, takes some perfect pictures of his girlfriend. But this isn't the only great thing about Fivel's handsome beau, as he is a big momma boy and can be found sharing pictures of his family on Instagram.

Fivel Stewart alongside her siblings. SOURCE: Zimbio

The case isn't much different from Fivel, either. The sister of actors Booboo Stewart, Maegan Stewart, and Sage Stewart, is proud to be related to his siblings. In fact, the children of Renee Steward and Nils Allen Stewart even co-starred in Hansel and Gretel (2013).

Meanwhile, Fivel's parents parted ways after spending several years as a husband and wife. 

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