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Traylor Howard Married To Husband Jarel Portman After Divorcing Christian Navarro

Updated On 02 Nov, 2020 Published On 02 Nov, 2020
Traylor Howard Married To Husband Jarel Portman After Divorcing Christian Navarro

Actress Traylor Howard had such a brilliant career. Unfortunately, she didn't have much luck with finding the love of her life as it took her two failed marriages. So, who are those men who broke Traylor's heart?

First Marriage Of Traylor Howard With Cameron Hall

Actress Traylor Howard has been romantically linked with a couple of men. But, none of those relationships proved it was worth it until she met and fell in love with fellow actor Cameron Hall in 1990. Things instantly got serious between Traylor and her first real love.

Traylor Howard shared her first marriage with Cameron Hall. SOURCE: Pinterest

Speaking of which, a year later and not long after their engagement, the Natalie Teeger alum and Hall decided to walk down the aisle. Traylor and Cameron held a secret wedding ceremony and invited only close family members and friends for their big day.

More specifically, the special took place on 2nd February when Traylor was only 36 during the time of her first marriage. Things looked pretty in the beginning. Unfortunately, Howard and Hall both realized they were not meant for each other and decided to part ways.

And, by the next two years of their marriage, Traylor who is 54 years old in 2020nand Hall filed for their divorce paper and legally separated. And, since their failed marriage, Traylor moved on with her career and love life while Cameron decided to keep a low profile.

Traylor Howard Dated Ryan Reynolds & George Clooney

After her divorce from Cameron Hall, actress Traylor Howard was then linked with actor Ryan Reynolds in 1998 whom she met while working on the set of ABC's sitcom, Two Guys and a Girl.  While Howard played the role of Sharon Carter, Reynolds played Berg on the series.

Traylor Howard and Ryan Reynolds were a thing back in the day. SOURCE: Pop Sugar

But, their whirlwind romance didn't last forever as they break up in 1999 shortly after they began dating. And, after Reynolds who is married to Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively with three children today, Howard was then in a relationship with actor George Clooney.

Howard and the Ocean's Eleven actor hooked up in 2000. But, it's fair to say, their romance was nothing serious either as they broke up. And, finally, Howard got the taste of something serious when she met actor Christian Navarro.

Second Marriage Of Traylor Howard With Christian Navarro

After her relationship with George Clooney ended, Traylor Howard then met actor Christian Navarro with whom she began dating in 2002. With, Navaro, she started to realize love wasn't dead for her.

The next thing they knew, Navarro, not to be confused with the younger 13 Reasons Why actor asked Traylor to marry him. The Monk star happily said yes to her boyfriend's proposal and exchanged the marital vows with Navarro on a beautiful day of 26th April 2003.

Traylor and Navarro also shared no kids together just like the actress shares no kids with her first husband. But, the same year as the birth of her first child, things went downhill with Navarro too. Howard welcomed her first child in November 2006. Traylor had a son named Sabu Howard whose real father's identity isn't known yet. 

Traylor Howard's Third Marriage With Jarel Portman

Life is pretty unpredictable, to say the least. Interestingly, Traylor Howard had been in contact with her old friend Jarel Portman since 2004. And. after her divorce with former husband, Christian Navarro, it was Jarel the actress found her solace in.

Actress Traylor Howard and her husband Jarel Portman. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, that friendship of Howard and Portman later magically turned into romance. And, in Portman who is a businessman and musician by profession, Howard found her true love in. The lovebirds then tied the knot in 2011 and later welcomed a child together in 2012. Their child is also a son named Julien Portman.

Howard and her family of four prefer to keep their personal life as lowkey as possible from the public eyes. Needless to say, the actress is super concerned about the privacy of her children.

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