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Veteran Historian Lola Van Wagenen Married to George Burrill; Gave Birth to Four Kids

Updated On 14 Aug, 2023 Published On 29 Dec, 2019
Veteran Historian Lola Van Wagenen Married to George Burrill; Gave Birth to Four Kids

Historian Lola Van Wagenen has been married to her husband George Burrill since the beginning of the 2000s'. But, this isn't the first marriage of Wagenen as she was previously married to Hollywood legend, Robert Redford.

Lola Van Wagenen is also highly popular for her marriage with The Sting actor where Robert Redford portrayed the character of Johnny Hooker. Although Lola and Robert remained married for over two decades, it wasn't meant to be for them, sadly. On the bright side, Miss Wagenen has been happily married to her second husband, George Burrill for nearly two decades.

Lola Van Wagenen Married her Second Husband George Burrill In 2002

As they say, great minds think alike, Lola Van Wagenen and her second husband became closer and hit it off quickly through their common interests in history. Speaking more of Mr. Burrill, he is a New Zealander representative who served as the Honorary Consul for Vermont. He also sat on the position of the President for the Burlington-based Associates in Rural Development, as per Seven Days TV.

Lola Van Wagenen and her husband, George Burrill keep everything closer to their vest. SOURCE: Who Dated Who

Van Wagenen tied the knot for the second time with Burrill on 27th July 2002 in Shelburne, Vermont. But, throughout their more than two decades of togetherness, Lola and George's marriage never produced any children. The main reason for this is that the female historian was already in her sixties at the time of her second marriage. It's been over twenty years since Lola and George Burrill's wedding ceremony, the duo is still together. 

Moreover, it's even harder to find out stuff about the historian since she doesn't come to the limelight as she used to when she was still married to Redford, the father of her four children.

Van Wagenen and Redford raised three children practically because their eldest child, a son named Scott Anthony Redford passed away at only 47 days from sudden infant death syndrome. The rest of the three children of Lola are still alive and well today, leaving the exception of the tragedies life threw at a few of them at an early age.

Second Son Was Born Seven Weeks Premature

Lola Van Wagenen and Robert Redford welcomed their second child, a daughter named Shauna Redford a year after the death of Scott followed by the third child, a son named James Redford, and their youngest child, Amy Redford.

Lola Van Wagenen pictured with her former husband, Robert Redford, and their son, James Redford.  SOURCE: Mirror

The birth of James wasn't easy for Lola when she went into labor seven weeks prematurely from his due date. And, growing up, his sickness grew more hazardous when he had to undergo two liver transplant surgeries and even had his colon removed. Not to mention, during his teenage years, James also suffered ulcerative colitis, an IBD disease.

The Redford family faced some serious challenges with their life in consideration that James' son, Dylan Redford also suffers from a physical inability condition called Dyslexia. James, who followed in the footsteps of his father directed a documentary called The Big Picture about dyslexic people.

Van Wagenen's Daughter's College Sweetheart Was Shot To Death

True to Van Wagenen's former husband's words, Redford once talked about the tragedies his family faced citing that he didn't find it noble to speak about it in public. Likewise, their eldest daughter, Shauna was once a student at the University of Colorado, the same institute his father attended but dropped out.

Shauna Redford married to husband, Eric Schlosser in 1985. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Both Shauna and her then-boyfriend, Sid Wells, in their early twenties lived at a condo rented by Well's parents nearby the campus. But, one day in 1983, Sid's dead body was found shot to death at their temporary college home. Unable to bear the tragedy, the daughter of Lola and Redford quit college.

As of today, Shauna who is in her early sixties (as of 2019) is married to journalist and award-winning author, Eric Schlosser. The couple shares two children, a son named Conor Schlosser and a daughter named Mica Schlosser.

Speaking of Amy, she also followed the career path of her father and is known for her contribution to films such as The Guitar, Cry Funny Happy, and This Revolution.

Check out the clip of Robert Redford and his daughter Amy Redford Leaving the L.A. restaurant!

Lola who tries to stay as lowkey as possible is still on good terms with Robert with whom she parted ways in the late seventies but divorced only in 1985. As for Mr. Redford, he wed his second wife, Sibylle Szaggars, an environment artist of a German national in 2009.

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