Home Article Violante Placido & Boyfriend Massimiliano D'Epiro Together Since 2011; Shares A Son

Violante Placido & Boyfriend Massimiliano D'Epiro Together Since 2011; Shares A Son

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 13 Feb, 2020
Violante Placido & Boyfriend Massimiliano D'Epiro Together Since 2011; Shares A Son

We have watched the beautiful and thrillingly talented Violante Placido romanced men on our screen several times. And, one of her mostly remembered scenes shall be definitely remembered with the handsome heartthrob, George Clooney.

But, speaking of the Italian's beauty's offscreen life, no man has it like the film director and actor, Massimiliano D'Epiro, known for his work in Dust and Stella. With no further ado, here's what you need to know about the love life of the actress and her partner.

Violante Placido First Met Massimiliano D'Epiro In 2011

From Italy to Hollywood, Violante Placido undoubtedly achieved a lot and exceeded regarding her career. As a matter of fact, her career can be credited for also leading The American actress where she shared nude scenes with George Clooney, to her true destiny.

Miss Placido indeed met her long-term boyfriend whilst working together in 2011 as their love story began the same year, the short-haired woman worked on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-starring Nicolas Cage and Idris Elba.

But since, Placido and D'Epiro and prefer to keep much of their personal life as secretive as possible, not much regarding their relationship is known yet except the fact that the beautiful love birds have been together ever since, without any involvement in extra-affair.

The chemistry and connection they felt with each other were really one of a kind. And, nearly two years later, Placido became a mother for the first time when she became pregnant with their son, Vasco D'Epiro, born in October 2013.

Italian actress Violante Placido alongside her boyfriend Massimiliano D'Epiroand son, Vasco D'Epiro. SOURCE: Violante Placido Instagram

And, on the other hand, the parents of Placido and D'Epiro are yet to tie the knot. But, it seems like marriage isn't important for the director and his wife to prove the existence of their love.

Meanwhile, as Massimiliano's background history is highly a mystery, learn what you need to know about the bold and daring actress.

Placido Is The Daughter Of Simonetta Stefanelli

It only makes sense how Placido makes such a star as she inherited the beauty and the talent of her mother, Simonetta Stefanelli. The Moana alum where she co-starred Giorgia Wurth is indeed the daughter of the retired Italian actress  and fashion designer and he former partner; Michele Placido, a film actor and director.

Stefanelli and Mr. Placido who remained married from 1989 till 1994 welcomed their first daughter in 1976 in Rome Italy, followed by the uncles of Vasco including Brenno Placido, also an actor, known for his roles in The Big Dream and Michelangelo Placido, the middle child.

Violante also has half-siblings from his father's relationship with other women including Inigo Placido from Virginie Alexandre, and Gabriele Placido from actress Federica Vincenti, who is seven years younger than Violante.

Nonetheless, Placido shares a great bond with her family. The D'Epiros happily reside in Italy.

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