Home Article One fourth Of The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang Is Termed As Internet's Boyfriend-Is He Dating Someone?

One fourth Of The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang Is Termed As Internet's Boyfriend-Is He Dating Someone?

Updated On 18 Jan, 2019 Published On 26 Oct, 2018
One fourth Of The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang Is Termed As Internet's Boyfriend-Is He Dating Someone?

YouTube star Eugene Lee Yang tends to do almost anything to entertain his fans all across the globe-from wearing lingerie to undergo labor stimulation. His flourishing career on the BuzzFeed series The Try Guys helped him made a huge fan base who are desperate to know about his current relationship status. 

Does he have a secret girlfriend? Is he hiding something about his sexuality? If you want to unravel all the mystery about Yang, just get some time and dive in!   

Eugene Lee Yang's Relationship Status; Is He Dating A Secret Girlfriend?

Eugene Lee Yang's fans have been curious about his personal life. It is a big question everyone wants to know but Yang is still not ready to spill the beans about his dating life or a possible girlfriend. 

Similarly, there are also rumors of him being gay and people often question his sexuality.   

The way he wears women's lingerie, Halloween costumes, and his sensual Instagram posts make everyone to speculate on his sexual preference.

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Since Yang has not spoken a word about his dating life and sexuality, we cannot assure on the very topic. However, he's very popular among ladies for his good looks and eye catchy personality.

We wish to get more information about his private life soon.

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Most importantly, some sources reported that he admitted being the part of the LGBT community. He is in full support of the LGBTQ.

Also, he mentioned his support via Instagram video.

Well, we are so eager to know Lee Yang's sexual preference.

Lee Yang celebrated his birthday just two days earlier his actual birth date. He mentioned in his Twitter post that his friends from The Try Guys celebrated the big day.

Well, he has some special plans to celebrated his 33rd birthday.

Eugene Lee Yang's Professional Career

Lee Yang is a famous video producer, director, writer, and actor at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. He was a Development Partner at BuzzFeed until February 2018.   

Without a doubt, Yang is one of the famous Asian American faces over the net. His famous videos including 'If Disney Princes Were Real' and 'Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History' contributed him to grab a huge fan base.

Above all, he's always been the best on the BuzzFeed series The Try Guys. Yang along with other casts of Try guys are willing to wear lingerie, undergo labor stimulation and even serve sushi on his naked body.

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We can say that Yang can do almost anything to grab fans and media attention. 

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He is a great supporter of racial equality. During an interview, he spoke that he aims to erase the negativity and display the diversity of the world.

Eugene Lee Yang: Quick Facts

  • Born on 18 January 1986 in Pflugerville, TX.
  • His birth sign is Capricorn.
  • He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California in 2008.
  • He and Zach Kornfeld are the members of The Try Guys.
  • He stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83m).
  • He is a black belt in Taekwondo.

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