Home Article Who is Monica Beets' Husband? Know in Detail About Her Relationship And Children; Her Past Affairs At Glance

Who is Monica Beets' Husband? Know in Detail About Her Relationship And Children; Her Past Affairs At Glance

Updated On 30 Nov, 2021 Published On 11 Dec, 2018
Who is Monica Beets' Husband? Know in Detail About Her Relationship And Children; Her Past Affairs At Glance

Gaining fame through the TV series called Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, a miner and now acting as supervisor to her father Tony Beets (the man who created the Gold Rush) in the mining work, Monica Beets seems to be making her name among the other Discovery Channel’s icon.

Being in the business right from her early days, Beet has come a long way around from watching her father do the heavy machinery to herself leading her old man.

But, what is Beet doing when she is not making her fortune by digging around the gold? To whom she has exchanged her ring with or is she yet to find her ideal man? Let’s find out!

Who has Monica Beets Dated? Is She Taken Already? Does She Have Children?

Continuing her father’s legacy, she is known to be running quite a tight ship around the grown-up men in the Gold Rush. Being a leading lady, she has come from a number of men ranging from her co-workers.

Monica on Gold Rush
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A hard-working woman with a beautiful persona, it’s only more than possible that many men might have had laid their eyes on her at some point.

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Yet, who has been the guy with whom she has reciprocated her feelings?

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As far as one is to turn her romance stories, Brandon Harper, who was a miner in the same show Gold Rush with Monica Beets for 3 years, comes at first.

It was reported that the duo started their affairs from the very first season of the show but allegedly, due to the fear of dating Tony Beets's daughter, Brandon parted his way with Beets along with Gold Rush. However, the real reason behind Harper’s end with both the show and Beet is still unknown.

Coming finally to the million-dollar question, she indeed, now, is a settled woman with her man, Taylor Mayes with whom she tied the knot on August 11, 2018, in Dawson City, Yukon.

Monica with husband Mike on their wedding

Beets' dream day with the love of her life was lavished with her friends and family with her wearing a full-length armless and backless wedding gown with a long lace train and her hubby Mike wearing a black suit with a rose gold pink tie.

Apart from her brief stories of romance among a couple of guys, she also had attracted one or two guys even in her working hours. One such name is Parker Schnabel who apparently was said to have a crush on Beets when Schnabel first visited the show in season 2.

Parker Schnabel(left) with Monica Beets(right) during Gold Rush
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However, Beets clearly denied the rumors by stating on her Twitter.

"Woah Woah Woah. No, I am not now, nor have I ever, dated Parker. He is a nice guy, but really getting sick of that.”

Walking down the aisle with her now-husband Taylor Mayes, Beets, for sure is now is committed to the man of her life and is probably going happily in her married life.

Monica Beets and her husband welcomed a daughter in May 2021. SOURCE: Instagram (Monica Beets)

The duo added a family member to their family portrait. However, Beets and her husband kept the arrival and the pregnancy secret from the audience. Not to mention, the birth of their child wasn't even announced until much later.

Beets only talked about her child openly on Instagram in late 2021. Apparently, Monica and her husband welcomed a daughter in May 2021. Beets said, "My husband and I welcomed a beautiful girl into our lives in May of this year. I am lucky enough to work with family and friends who support me and help me when I need them to. I am relatively healthy."

Monica Beets Career; Her Net Worth

Monica Beets started her career as young as 12 years old on her father's Tony Beets' legacy Gold Rush. She started helping her father in at first by accompanying him with the digging work. Ironically, she emerged out as a leader on the same show and now supervises her dad along with other cast members.

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Beets officially joined the Gold Rush in the show's fifth season when she was 21 years old. Her initial interest was in learning about Primary Care in paramedic job. But she couldn't do so because of her preoccupation with the gold-digging business which turned out just fine as she is reported to earn annually around $200,000 and has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

As of now, Beets is working in Paradise Hill Claim located in Paradise Hill, in Yukon, Canada. The claim is considered to be one of the most successful and lucrative regarding the gold extract in the Klondike region.

Quick Facts: Monica Beets

  • Beets was born on November 7, 1993, in Canada.
  • She is the daughter of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets.
  • Beet is 5 ft 4 inches tall.
  • Beet’s youngest sister, Jasmine died at the age of 2 months old.

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