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Demi Lovato comes out as a Non-Binary - Singer uses They/Them Pronouns

Updated On 19 May, 2021 Published On 19 May, 2021
Demi Lovato comes out as a Non-Binary - Singer uses They/Them Pronouns

Famous 28 years old American singer/songwriter Demi Lovato, on Wednesday, sent a shockwave to the fans. Demi on Twitter shared a podcast of the show 4D with Demi Lovato revealing they are non-binary.

The Let it go hitmaker Demi Lovato shared a post revealing being Non-Binary on the podcast show 4D with Demi Lovato on Wendesday. On the podcast where she spoke with Alok Vaid Menon. Lovato also shared their story with a series on their journey to come out on their Twitter page.

Demi Lovato confirming on being Non-Binary. SOURCE: Demi Lovato Twitter

Addressing Non-binary people often feel they are neither male nor female, aka gender-queer, Demi expressed wanting the fans to use the pronounce they/them from now on. Another celebrity Sam Smith in 2019, came up as Non-binary or genderqueer.

The official decision of turning to genderqueer did send a shockwave. Also, stating that "Using pronoun they/them would best represent the fluid I feel in my gender expression." 

Lovato is a strong LGBTI supporter. Along with Nick Jonas, Demi even canceled their live tour in April 2016 when North Carolina passed a bill against LGBTI.

The pop star also encouraged everyone to feel free to express their inner gender expression without hiding who they truly are.

In March, they opened up to the host Joe Rogan on the podcast, "I recognize myself as a pansexual and proud to be a part of the LGBTI community." Lovato also previously opened up how fans want to see the feminist side, which Demi wasn't comfortable with.

Not to mention, Sober singer, also in a Youtube docuseries Dancing with the Devil, shared their struggle against unfortunate drug addiction, and deadly overdose in 2018. Demi also told in one of the interviews how the "Confident" artist broke the previous engagement with actor Max Ehrich after an intense feeling of being a nonbinary.

Demi Lovato, in addition, had an affair with many celebrities previously. Some notable names include Trace Cyrus, Cody Linley,  Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Lema, Mike Johnson, and Austin Wilsons.

Only after the four months of dating with Under the Dome actor, the engagement quickly happened. However, Demi accused Max of using the "Confident" singer's name behind the back for his career growth. Demi later broke off their engagement.

Demi Lovato previously revealed they are pansexual. SOURCE: Instagram (ddlovato)

Talking about the net worth of Lovato, it is expected to be more than $45 million. All thanks to the live tour and fortune received from the record label. Being a judge for X-Factor UK, Demi brought home staggering money of $2 million.

On the course of their amazing career, Demi is the recipient of the Latin Music Award, Peoples Choice Awards, Billboard Women in music rulebreaker award.

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