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Adele's Weight Loss Journey Was Motivated To Set Examples For Son Angelo Adkins

Updated On 27 Sep, 2019 Published On 28 Sep, 2019
Adele's Weight Loss Journey Was Motivated To Set Examples For Son Angelo Adkins

When asked to lose weight after Adele became hit, the British singer at the time replied that she sings for ears not eyes. Nearly a decade later, Adele, however, has shocked the world with a dramatic weight loss transformation. But, if you think, she did it for the eyes, then you're mistaken.

Adele's Underwent Weight Loss Transformation For Her Son

It's truly amazing how far the legendary British singer, none other than the one and only, Adele has come. Not just with her career, but with a tremendous weight loss transformation too. Whilst the chubbiness that once rested on her cheeks flattened to a sharp jawline, the roundness around her waist shrunk into a dreamy curve.

Adele underwent weight loss transformation for her son. SOURCE: Hollywood Life

But was the weight loss transformation really needed though? If you ask us? No. Adele has been always perfect. But if you ask the singer, she will probably say yes. Why? The currently 31 years old who never felt like she needed to drop some pounds only decided to undergo the transformation for only one reason; her son.

Adele is a mother to six years old son, Angelo Adkins, she shares with her former husband of three years, Simon Konecki, whom the singer separated in 2019 after seven years of togetherness. After welcoming Angelo in 2012, the singer felt it was necessary to take care of her health as she also wanted to set an example for her son. Not for the public or anyone, but for Angelo.

Adele Hired A Personal Trainer From Los Angeles

A little big thanks to the LA-based personal trainer Adele reportedly hired to help her out. The singer's personal trainer set up a strict exercise regimen that Adele performed every day for nearly an hour and sometimes even more. The Tottenham native is also said to have been happy to work out.

Adele's weight loss results over the years. SOURCE: Resistance Pro

After all, she wanted to lose her weight for a healthy lifestyle, not for pleasing the entertainment industry. On the contrary, her weight loss goal was not going to be complete without focusing on a diet to fuel her body with necessary nutrition. And, thus, the singer relied on Paleo diets.

Also called a stone-age diet and caveman diet, Paleo diets which is highly popular among the British population is a kind of diet that restricts on eating processed and junk food as the diet highly focuses on eating fresh and organic food like fish, fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, some of the news outlets published stories claiming that Adele underwent weight-loss surgeries to quickly and easily lose her weight. However, that's not true though.

Adele spotted alongside son, Angelo Adkins. SOURCE: Afternoon Gossip

Adele might have kept her lips sealed to speak on the matter, but MarriedWiki can debunk such barbaric news that the Grammy-winning artist underwent any bariatric surgeries. After all, why would she when she is looking towards to sets examples for her son.

Adele's Revenge Body

Also what else a lot of news publication wrote is that Adele only dropped weight to have a revenge body on her ex-husband. Of course, Simon surely regrets and realized what he missed out on, but, considering Adele's morality, a revenge body would be the last thing on her mind. 

Adele meets Spice Girls in 2019. SOURCE: People

Like we already mentioned, the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker only underwent the weight loss transformation for her son and for a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of motherhood, Adel, in an interview with Vogue, once said:

"Angelo makes me very proud of myself. When I became a parent, I felt like I was truly living. I had a purpose, where before I didn't."

And, enough is enough.

Meanwhile, one of the last times, Adele was publicly spotted was when she attended Spice Girls' concert earlier this year in June. As the singer said, she likes herself now more than she ever liked before, she didn't only look happier to see her idols but more confident and more alive too.

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