Alex Guarnaschelli's passion for food always came naturally, but the same can't be said for romance which she always found challenging. In fact, Alex even felt she might never have a family since she spent 80 hours a week in the kitchen. This means she had very little time for her dating life.

Luckily for the talented chef, things changed for the better when she bumped into an amazing person who she ended up sharing wedding vows. However, the joy did not last as long as she probably hoped.

Alex Guarnaschelli's Married Life - Delightful Love Story, Joyful Wedding, Blissful Togetherness, And Sad Divorce

Alex Guarnaschelli was married to her husband Brandon Clark. The couple tied the knot on 29th April 2007. The ceremony was held at the Butter in front of 165 guests which included family, friends and fellow chefs.

Alex Guarnaschelli with her former husband Brandon Clark
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The couple first met in a fish class at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York sometime during 2006. At the time, Brandon was attending culinary class. Moreover, he was serving personal injury lawyer in his dad’s law office in New York.

Meanwhile, Alex was working late night at Butter and she would usually appear with bleary eyes the following day. Recalling the time, Clark said,

"I thought she was hilarious. Some people found her intimidating. I found her funny, playful, exciting and adorable."

Brandon then tried to change his career as he strived to become a professional chef just to get closer to Alex who he was secretly attracted to. Soon after, Clark joined her in the kitchen.

Initially, Brandon enjoyed the late hours in the kitchen. However, other cooks soon started gossiping about the pair which led to Clark disappearing with no contact or explanation.

A few weeks later, Brandon sent her an email where he explained cooking isn't his forte. Alex tried convincing him, but he wasn't interested.

Later, the duo got even closer as they officially began dating. Amidst all the complexity of the differing thoughts and career choices, they eventually embraced each other as life partners.

The pair shares a child together, a daughter named Ava Clark. In fact, Alex was pregnant with Ava when the pair exchanged wedding vows.

As per Alex, Brandon made the best omelets. Moreover, she is fond of coffee and she claimed Clark made a pretty tasty one.

The couple's blissful relationship, unfortunately, did not carry the legs to go the distance. The marriage crumbled after Brandon was accused of cheating on Alex with other women.

Despite Clark's best efforts to turn a blind eye to the rumors, he eventually admitted to having an affair with two women. The couple divorced in December 2015 with Alex getting full custody of her daughter.  

Alex Guarnaschelli Was Rumored To Be Previously Married To Geoffrey Zakarian

Alex Guarnaschelli is a pretty private person. She rarely makes public appearances with her family.

Once there were reports of Alex's affair with fellow chef Geoffrey Zakarian. The duo appeared as judges on the TV show Chopped. Both of them live with their own separate family so it came as a surprise to the fans.

Alex Guarnaschelli was rumored to be previously married to Geoffrey Zakarian
Source: Food Network

Talking to the Food Network, Geoffrey had previously spoken in admiration for Alex. He said:

"She was breaking my chops a lot, calling me fancy pants and princess. She is good at that. There’s no one better at that. She’s like the emcee of the show. She’s delightful.

Zakarian continued:

"She’s so smart, erudite, well-written. She’s sarcastic and a great chef. It’s nice to spend time with people. She’s very interesting as a human being."

Based on the rumors, back in 2013, one of her fans tweeted with the curiosity about their past relationship. Alex quoted the tweet and replied where she strictly denied the allegations.

The speculations soon died down as the duo appear no more than great friends that they have always been. 

Alex Guarnaschelli: Quick Facts

Source: Food Network
  • Born on 20th June 1972 in New York City.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • Her parents are John Guarnaschelli and Maria Guarnaschelli.
  • Her mother is a cookbook editor.
  • She graduated from Barnard College in 1991.
  • She is well renowned for appearing in the Food Network shows such as ChoppedAll Star Family Cook-off, Iron Chef America, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.
  • She hosted Alex's Day Off and The Cooking Loft.
  • She is the executive chef at Butter restaurant in New York City.
  • She worked under Larry Forgione early in her career and served in several restaurants.
  • She published her first cookbook titled Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook in 2013.
  • She was crowned as an Iron Chef after defeating Amanda Freitag in the season 5 finale of The Next Iron Chef.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.