Benjy Bronk, the person behind all the funny jokes cracked in the show, The Howard Stern Show, is surely cracking jokes to his girlfriends. Though, it was once rumored that he has broken-up with his girlfriend.

So do the rumor really hold true or is is the same old hoaxes of celebs breaking up from their better half. Today in this section, we shall find out.

Benjy Bronk-Relationship Status 

While watching one of those blockbuster movies, we all became fans of the hunky actors who play the main role. To be specific actors like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Benjy attending the San Diego Comic Con, Source: Empty House

But what about the real heroes, those who work very hard behind the scene in order to make the movie a big hit. Benjy is also one of those people. 

One can only wonder, how can a guy who merely writes some jokes behind the scenes become so famous that his fame overshadows the fame of the main character of the show.

During his show, whenever Howard Stern is cracking on of those jokes then it is hand written by Benjy. We all know the secret to a girls heart is to make her laugh and to say the least, he is quite versed in that field.

So he must be dating someone or in a relationship and finding a boyfriend or husband like him is quite the treat for any ladies out there. Humorous and supportive, whenever necessary. He is the full package.

Despite his multi-talented nature, he is single right now, well, at least according the paper. 

Benjy Bronk-Relationship with Ex-Girlfriend

The guy was not single, not long time ago. He was dating talk show host Elisa Jordana a few years back and their dating was generally on and off.


He was in a relationship with Talk show host, Elisa Jordana, Source: Pinterest

Their relationship was the talk of the Howard Stern show, as Howard used to make fun of their relationship. But then in 2015, according to many reports, the pair called it quits.

Though, he promised to support his ex-girlfriend financially. Many people don't like the idea as the couple was never married in the first place so giving alimony doesn't sound reasonable.

You know what they, "A person will do anything in love."

Well, one thing is for sure, they are still dating and we're sure it was one of those jokes by Howard.

Quick facts about Benjy Bronk


  • Born on September 4, 1967, in the USA.
  • His parents raised him in a Catholic household.
  • He belongs to the Caucasian race
  • He is of Polish ancestry.
  • He is famous for the show A Hot Dog Program.
  • He often writes jokes for the Howard Stern show.

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