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BBC presenter George Alagiah and wife Frances Robathan happy married. See his career and net worth

Updated On 27 Jan, 2023 Published On 10 Aug, 2017
BBC presenter George Alagiah and wife Frances Robathan happy married. See his career and net worth

Unlike other presenters and broadcasters of BBC, Andrew Marr, Nick Robinson, and Sarah Montague, George Alagiah also earned the same salary, more than $408,469 from BBC. George is living a lavish life with his beautiful wife, Frances Robathan.

The couple is heading to blissful married life with their two sons. So, today let us know about the broadcaster of BBC who earned a handsome figure.

George Alagiah's happy married life with Frances Robathan

George Alagiah and his wife Frances Robathan married in 1984 after dating for exactly two years. The man good earning celebrate the ceremony of their wedding grandly with the presence of such high profile personnel.

The pair has been together till today since their marriage date. They are still not in any rumors about their divorce and extramarital affairs.

George respected his wife and equally cared for her as he grew up surrounded by ladies during his childhood. He is the only son among five kids, so he knew how to respect the ladies right from childhood.

George and his wife, Frances,
Source: Dailymail

The couple seems to share a great bond, and I hope to see them happy in the coming future.

The pair is blessed with two children.

The two fascinating couple did not limit their love to themselves, so they decided to share with their young one as well, so they welcomed their two sons named Adam and Matthew. Adam is their eldest son, who is 4 years older than his little brother Matthew.

The family completed after the birth of the two children, and moreover, the children are also close to their parents and are heading their cherished life together.

George stated,

''Our sons Adam and Matthew, who are 23 and 19, are amazing guys. If we were their age, I and Frances would like to be their friends.''

His words clearly explained that his children are cool and amazing at the same time.

George's career as a broadcaster and his net worth

In 1989, George joined BBC after leaving his previous job in several places. He appeared as a foreign correspondent and became one of the leading by reporting the globe events from the genocide in Rwanda.

The dilemma of the Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq to the civil wars in Somalia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, among others.

In 2002, he appeared as a presenter on BBC Four news, which was later announced as The World. Later on, she co-presented the BBC Six O'Clock News along with the co-host, Sophie Raworth, till 2005, and after that, Natasha Kaplinsky joined the show.

George showing the medal, 

Moreover, he also worked as deputy editor for the show BBC One O'Clock News and BBC Nine O'Clock News. From 2006, he also presented World News Today on BBC World News and BBC Two.

He is the specialist who interviewed several legendary people, including Nelson Mandela, President Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe, former Secretary General of the United States, Nations Kofi Annan and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and so many others.

George does not want to reveal everything to the public and the media. He also seems less in public with his family. He might not feel comfortable disclosing his private life to the media. So, it is hiding most things from the public. 

So, it is hiding most things from the public. The great presenter or broadcaster might have a net worth of a million; even a simple editor and reporter has a salary of $25000, so his net worth might be more than that. George earned more than $408,469 as a salary from which he and his family have a lavish lifestyle. Other presenters and broadcasters of BBC, Andrew Marr, Nick Robinson, and Sarah Montague, also earned the same salary as Alagiah.

Quick Facts about George Alagiah

George posing for a click,
Source: Mirror
  • Born on 22nd November 1955 as George Maxwell Alagiah in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • He was raised by his parents, Donald Alagiah (an engineer) and Therese, with his four siblings.
  • His parents, along with him, moved to Ghana, West Africa.
  • Finished his primary schooling at the King International School.
  • Attended St John's College in Portsmouth, England.
  • Studied politics at Van Mildert College, Durham University.
  • During college, he worked as an editor for the student newspaper Palatinate.
  • Before joining BBC, he was engaged with South Magazine since 1982.
  • IN 1989, he joined BBC and began working as a foreign correspondent.
  • His documentary and report, including why affirmative action in America is a lost cause for the Assignment program/
  • Awarded by BAFTA Award for their coverage of the Kosovo conflict.
  • Won many prestigious awards like Amnesty International UK Media Awards, Royal Television Society Award, and others.
  • Diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
  • Earned more than $408,469 from his post on BBC.

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