Home Article Actor Ben Affleck’s brother Casey Affleck split with wife Summer Phoenix after 6 years of marriage: See what are they doing these days

Actor Ben Affleck’s brother Casey Affleck split with wife Summer Phoenix after 6 years of marriage: See what are they doing these days

Updated On 28 Mar, 2017 Published On 21 Mar, 2017
Actor Ben Affleck’s brother Casey Affleck split with wife Summer Phoenix after 6 years of marriage: See what are they doing these days

Casey Affleck's last year divorce was one of the most trending divorce of 2016. Currently, the hot couple are dating someone else and their relationship is prospering. Find out more.

Well, the pain of getting separated from your loved one really gives a lot of agonies. After living together as husband and wife for more than 10-years, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix called it quits. 

The couple has now gone their separate ways now, though their divorce is yet to be finalized. The couple has moved on and they are already dating other people. 

Let us find out about the current relationship status of both Casey and Summer and get to know if they are dating someone else now.         

Casey and Summer-10 Years of marriage

We only read love stories like this in fictional books but both Casey and Summer were like the epitome of an ideal couple.

It's rarely seen in a Hollywood couple, to be together for so many years.

Casey and Summer-Early 2000, Source: People

They first met in 1995, after Summer's brother Joaquin Phoenix introduced her to Casey.

It was a beginning of a very long relationship.

Casey and Joaquin-Good Friends, Source: Telegraph

They tied the knot in 2006, after staying in a relationship for 6-years.

One would never expect that much of patience from anyone to wait for 6-years before getting married but Casey and Summer were exceptions as they patiently waited for each other.

Casey and Summer-At PETA's Meeting, Source: Arabia Weddings

At that time Summer was going out with someone else and Casey was hesitating to approach her and that's where her big brother came.

Joaquin told him to ask if she will go out with you and he assured Casey that he will not mind.

One day when Joaquin was out for shooting and his sister was alone in the apartment, he asked Casey to look out for her and that's when the pair fell in love with each other.

In an interview, Casey revealed about the incident and said:

‘My sister’s in my apartment and she’s all by herself – would you mind checking in on her?’ So, I checked in on her, and it stuck.”

The couple starred together in This is Our Youth which they co-starred alongside Matt Damon.

The couple has two children between Atticus Affleck, born January 12, 2008, and Indiana Affleck, born May 31, 2004.

Casey with his wife and children, Source: Liverampup

Sad Divorce

But as all the fairy tail come to an end, so did their fairy tail as they filed for a divorce in March 2016.

It was a very shocking news for everyone and especially for the Affleck family as Ben Affleck also divorced his wife Jennifer Garner, nine months prior to the separation of Casey.


Casey and Affleck-Split, Source: US Magazine

Their divorce is not yet finalized but it seems that it will be finalized in the near future.

Well, fast forward few months after their split and Casey is already having a new girlfriend.

New Relationship

The academy award winner is currently in a relationship with Supergirl star Floriana Lima since late 2016. 

It seems that Casey has moved on from his split with his wife and is in a very good relationship with Floriana.

Floriana and Casey-Running Some small Errands, Source: Daily Mail

They are spotted numerous times going for a walk or running some small errands here and there.

They also put numerous PDA show and it looks absolutely romantic.


Casey and Floriana-Hot Couple, Source: Daily Mail

Whereas Summer is yet to be spotted after her divorce with Casey and it looks like that she is taking her time to recover and it's a good sign as it really takes a lot of time to heal after such tragic incident.

Summer Phoenix, Source: Magmire

Well, we really hope that both the former lovers find solace and get right back on track.

Though Casey has already found it and we wish that Summer also finds it in the near future.

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