Jemele Hill is one of the renowned faces in the world of journalism, not because of her tough questions but because of the sense of humor. She gained recognition after hosting the show Numbers Never Lie alongside co-anchor Michael Smith.

Now many of her fans are eager to know about her relationship status and to know if she is a married woman or still single. Though there were lots of rumor about her relationship with English actor Idris Elba, the thing is yet to be confirmed.

Well, let us find out if she is dating someone or if she is still single and focusing on her career. 

Jemele Hill And Michael Smith's Relationship   

Jemele Hill and Michael Smith host the talk show together and there is no doubt that both of them look good together, not to mention their 15-years of a strong friendship. 

They knew each other for this long and because of this reason people often considers them a couple.

Jemele Hills and Michael Smith on the set of 'The His and Her'
Source: ESPN Front

But all that glitters is not gold, and the saying is a good fit for Jemele and Michael's relationship. When Michael came to know about the rumor he said that if we were ever in a relationship then our show would not have worked like that. So, guys, it's clear that they are not dating!

Michael who is a father of his three children is living with his wife and has a very happy family. Both of them are great friends and the rumor of their relationship was nothing but a hoax.

Idris Elba- Jemele Hill's Dream Boyfriend

Now many of you may be wondering about this rumor and thinking if it's true or not. Well, it may be tad bit true, but only for Jemele as Idris never confirmed it himself.

Idris Alba
Source: TheWrap

You all must have heard cases like a big female fan of a renowned personality considers herself his girlfriend. Well, it's the same case for her as she made Idris her boyfriend in her dreams.

She even tweeted about her relationship with him on her Twitter account and the tweet was very funny, to say the least. After Anthony Horowitz was in controversy due to his remark regarding Idris's ethnicity and style.

Many people were saying that Idris should become the new James Bond which was previously played by the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, but the James Bond author said that Idris is too black for the role and his style is pretty street orientated rather than a classic style. 

He sparked major controversy after his remark and Jemele also tweeted after this racist tweet. Judging by her tweet, we can easily say that she is a very big fan of his and that's why she was not shy of hiding her true feelings about him.

Jemele Hill's Real Boyfriend

After reading all about her dating history above you must be thinking that does this woman have a boyfriend or is everything a fun game to her. 

Well, she definitely has a boyfriend and she is even thinking of marrying him.


Enjoying the View
Source: Instagram

She is not shy of hiding her relationship with the public and often uploads the various picture of both of them. She calls her boyfriend by the name "The Ole Boy" and her fans have also followed the same trend.

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Ready for the #kanlovesalott nuptials w/ my favorite guy.

A post shared by Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) on

Her boyfriend name is unknown, though, but he goes the name Woodbigsity on his Instagram account. He really takes his privacy a bit too far as he has made his account a private account.

Happy Couple Enjoying together

But we do know that he is a rapper and a singer from Detroit, Michigan. The love birds look so cute together and many of their fans are so happy with their relationship.

They hangout and travel to many places together. They even visited the white house twice in a row, once in 2015 and other in 2016. It looks like that Jemele shares a very good relationship with

It looks like that Jemele shares a very good relationship with Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.


I brought sand to the beach cause my sand is better ...

A post shared by Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) on

Both of them has visited some of the most romantic places in the world such as the Yaro Village in Fiji and her caption really shows the love she has for this man. 

The couple has been in a relationship officially for more than 3-years but unofficially they may have been together for some time now. Wel, we wish them a very good luck and let us hope that they will do good in future.

Wel, we wish them a very good luck and let us hope that they will do good in future.

Quick Facts about Jemele Hill


Source: Variety
  • Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jemele Hill is a popular sports journalist.
    She gained fame after doing the show named Smith and Hill, alongside Michael Smith.
  • The show was so hit that it replaced the ESPN2 show named Numbers Never Lie. One thing that really stood out was Michael and Jemele's sense of humor.
  • Attended Mumford High School and graduated from there.
  • Did her Masters in Journalism from Michigan State University.
  • Hill got suspended from her post after referencing Adolf Hitler in her article.
  • Hill won the inaugural McKenzie Cup in 2007 at the annual Poynter Media Summit.
  • In September 2017, she tweeted a post regarding President Donald Trump as a white supremacist which caused a great controversy.
  • After years of hard work Michael and Jemele finally found their dream job after they were cast for the ESPN's premier talk show Sportscenter. The duo is now the first ever broadcaster of the show and they are really happy about that.
  • After getting cast into the coveted talk show their network will be going way up. Both of them has signed a multi-year contract with ESPN and will be earning some good cash.
  • Her net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be $4 million and earns an annual salary of total $1 million.

We wish them all the luck that they need and hope to see the duo's formidable way of hosting the show.

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