She recently got two gifts on Valentines's day. Now if you are Jackie Ibanež then you are bound to be very happy. Now do not jump into conclusion as to if she has two boyfriends or something like that.

Even though she is now on her early 30s, she still so beautiful and that may also be the reason that many of her male fans are still aiming for the ultimate prize, that is to go on a hot date with her. 

Well, get ready for a surprise as your prized possession is already a married woman and she is also a proud mother. We know it is a huge blow for all of you but let us find out more about this hot reporter's personal life.

A loyal Wife and a Caring Mother     

Well, it may come as a big shock to many of her male fans as Jackie is a married woman. After graduating from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut in 2007, she married her college sweetheart and her lovable husband's name is Eddie.

She has never revealed any information regarding her personal life and that may also be the reason that many of us were unaware of her marriage.

Recently, she got two gifts on Valentine's day and it left all of us in confusion as to which who gave her the second gift apart from her husband!!

Do not jump into conclusion people as the second gift was given to her by her adorable 4-year-old daughter. Yes, this information has also shocked you but it is a fact.

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Jackie is also the mother of her two angelic daughters. She recently celebrated her husband's birthday on November 18 and he was looking very cute with their two daughters.


Happy 32nd to this dude. He's pretty adored as you can see.

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Her children are also pretty intelligent, to say the least. If you can persuade your mother on giving one of her most precious things then you are bound to be called intelligent.

Even though Jackie is very busy with her job at Fox News, she still takes out time for her family as she is often spotted enjoying weekends with her family.

She sometimes plays hide and seek with her daughters or take them to Santa Clause. She also goes on a hot date with her Eddie.

All this workload and yet she take time out for her family really makes us respect her even more.

Big Time Reporter

She is a very big reporter and her fans are stuck with her news delivering skills as it is one of a kind. She gives a lot of opinions on different political matters surrounding the country.

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She hosts Fox and Friends with famous reporters like Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley EarhardtHeather Childer and Abby Huntsman.

She always tweets about her opinions on her Twitter account. Her opinions are generally accepted worldwide as she is known for her deep research on everything that she does. After all, action speaks louder than words. 

This attitude of he made her a hero in front of all of us and many of her fans often give tribute to her work and to the way she tried to have news reach every corner of the country. 

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