If there was a list of all the people we adored but they got married to someone else, then the list will go on and on. And things like these happen on a daily basis.

 See CNN's correspondent Pamela Brown for example. The reporter married her boyfriend earlier this year after getting engaged late last year.

At the very least, let's get to know more about how they first started dating and how it all happened? Let's roll!

Pamela & Adam Wright-Started Dating in 2014

Getting to know a person in a different level takes a lot of skill and patience. We all have come across many couples who called it quits during the dating phase, including you.

Pamela and Adam were dating since 2014 and got engaged late last year, Source: The Knot News

And then there are some lucky few who can stay in a relationship for a massive amount of time. For example, Oprah Winfrey and her boyfriend Stedman Graham.

Although, we can't compare Oprah's relationship with Pamela and her boyfriend, Adam Wright. The duo started a long distance relationship back in 2014.

Adam even moved to California in order to be close with his girlfriend and after a year long relationship, the pair got engaged to, in November 2016.

Pamela Married Boyfriend At Old Home In Kentucky

The couple decided on exchanging vows at her old home, back in Lexington, Kentucky. The pair wed on June 5, 2017, in an extravagant ceremony, at Pamela's childhood home.


Pamela and Adam tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surround by 200 guests, Source: The Knot News

Officiated by Pamela's own brother, Lincoln Brown, the duo received blessings from around hundreds of guests including, Dana Bash, Spencer Garrett, Gloria Borger, Sally Quinn, and Jerry Bruckheimer.

The bride wore a beautiful light golden gown with laces at the top and braided her hair backward, whereas her husband-to-be looked handsome in a custom Tuxedo.

Who Is Adam Wright?

Adam works as a consultant based in New York. The pair first met during Pamela's trip to Washington and instantly hit if off with one another.


Adam and Pamela cooking turkey together during Thanksgiving, Source: KY Forward

The pair will be enjoying their honeymoon in Japan. Well, let us hope that they stay like this for many years to come and we believe they will for many years to come.

We are yet to hear any goods news so let's not jump to any conclusion so quickly.

Quick Facts about Pamela Brown

  • Born on November 29, 1983, in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Her father was the Governor of Kentucky John Y. Brown Jr, and mother a businesswoman, Phyllis George.
  • Her parents divorced when she was only 13.
  • She has an older brother named Lincoln.
  • Attended a Henry Clay High School.
  • Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in journalism.
  • Upon graduation, she worked in WJLA-TV in Washington.
  • After working for some time in WJLA, she joined the CNN network and is working as a newscaster ever since.
  • Her net worth is around 2.5 million dollars.

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