Blue Bloods is currently airing its seventh season and the speculation of a new female member has added some much-needed fuel to the series. Will Estes is the main highlight of the show and his hot looks have fetched him numerous female fans.

Many of his fans want to know more about his relationship status. There are various speculations like Will is hiding a secret girlfriend or he is gay. Well, fret not as Married Wiki has all the latest news regarding the hot actor.

Will Estes-Girlfriend or Single     

Will rose to fame after his portrayal of Jamie Reagan in CBS's hit TV series Blue Bloods and due to his remarkable acting skills. Will is one of the hottest Hollywood actors and the

Will is one of the hottest Hollywood actors and the 38-years-old actor is single and the news is a bit difficult to digest for the girls out there as he is so damn gorgeous. 

Will Estes Photoshoot, Source: Hollywood

There have never been any reports of Will having a girlfriend and the actor is enjoying his singlehood without any problem. 

Everyone knows that there is a very less population of girls that would reject the handsome hunk.


Me and my new partner on Blue Bloods! Sarah Mezzanotte

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There were various rumors that Will was in a relationship with his Blue Star co-star Vanessa Ray but it was all just plain lies as Vanessa is a married woman and she has been married for 2 years now.

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray- Blue Blood Source: TV Guide

It looks like that he do not want to get any unnecessary attention. So ladies all of you should get happy as your sweetheart is single and maybe he is willing to date a perfect girl so you all have some chances.

Will Estes-Gay

But being single for too long may prove harmful as you can be branded as gay if you are hot and single for a long time. Will have also been subject to various claims of this kind of stereotypes.

Will have also been subject to various claims of this kind of stereotypes.


Will Estes flaunting his hot body, Source: P interest 

Do not trust all the hoaxes as all of them are false and Will is a straight guy.

He is more focused on his career and he has been involved with various social activities like protecting the rights of animals and protesting against the unlawful cutting of trees in the country.

His Twitter account is filled with all the latest news regarding our environment and he is pretty much active in every aspect of the environment protection.

Delightful Professional Career

Having a son like him must make every parent proud and Will's parents Mary Lu Nipper and Bill Nipper are one of the proudest parents around.

Their son is not only involved in the showbiz but he is also working towards a greater earth for all the future generations to come.

Will Estes-A still from Dark Knight Source: IMFDB

After hitting a rock bottom phase due to the fact that he was not getting any roles in any TV series or movies, he didn't give up and eventually he got cast in CBS's Crime drama Blue Blood which he is co-starring with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

He has worked in secondary roles in various big Hollywood movies like The Dark Knight Rises and U-571. He worked alongside big actors like Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Bill Paxton

Will Estes during a Premier Source: P interest

His net worth has been estimated at around 70 million dollars and it maybe more as he is currently at the peak of his career.

Well, we wish him all the success for his future career.

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