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Logan Riley Of The Prom Dating Co-Star Nico Greetham Who Dated Zoe Robins

Updated On 04 Jan, 2021 Published On 04 Jan, 2021
Logan Riley Of The Prom Dating Co-Star Nico Greetham Who Dated Zoe Robins

If you watched Netflix's musical drama, The Prom, chances are that you might have developed a crush on one of its actors aka Logan Riley Hassel. But, sorry girls and boys, the gorgeous woman happens to be taken, that too by her beloved co-star Nico Greetham.

Logan Riley Dating Boyfriend & Co-star Nico Greetham

The hot blonde Logan Riley is on the growth of her success as an actress in Hollywood. And, not only does the young multifaceted artist happens to be enjoying her blooming acting career, but also a bit of romance along the way.

Logan Riley met Nico Greethman on the set of The Prom. SOURCE: Logan Riley Instagram

To cut to the chase, Riley is indeed happily dating her co-star Nico Greetham who worked with her on The Prom, a Ryan Murphy directed musical drama that aired on Netflix in December 2020. 

Interestingly, Logan and her man also worked as a couple on the drama which also has top-notch actors that include Nicole Kidman, Ariana DeBose, Meryl Streep, and James Cordon. In addition, Logan and Nico performed as Kaylee and Nick.

And, as great as the lovebirds looked working as an onscreen couple, Logan and her boyfriend equally make a great couple offscreen too. Speaking of which, Riley and Greetham aren't shy to share pictures of themselves on their Instagram.

The lovebirds have made their relationship official to their fans. And, to make sure that Riley was taken by her handsome boyfriend, she posted a snap with Greetham on Instagram by mentioning him as her favorite boy.

Logan's boyfriend who isn't also shy to let the world know about their relationship shared a couple of pictures with his girlfriend and proudly wrote, "mine" in the caption section. Like how cute!

The Prom stars Nico Greetham and Logan Riley who are also dating in real life. SOURCE: Nico Greetham Instagram

Logan and Nico, in addition, are believed to have begun dating in late 2019 which is because The Prom only began filming in December 2019. And, more than a year later, the two are still going stronger.

Logan Riley's Boyfriend Used To Date Zoe Robins

In the meantime, Logan Riley is happily dating her boyfriend Nico Greetham. And, although much about the actress's past affair isn't known much, her boyfriend is known to have been in a relationship with ex-girlfriend, Zoe Robins, before Riley.

Logan Riley's boyfriend Nico Greetham with his former girlfriend, Zoe Robins. SOURCE: Pinterest

Well, Greetham was previously dating Robins who he met on the set of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Not to let it go, the 25 years old actor indeed rose to fame for playing the Yellow Ranger in the series. As for Zoe, she is known for performing the character of White Ranger.

To add more, Greetham and his ex-girlfriend are reported to have been dating since late 2016 before they split in 2018. However, the past is the past and Logan couldn't care less about her man's history when he loves her so much in the present.

On the other hand, of course, Riley and Greetham are too young to tie the knot already, let along get engaged. But, one can not deny the adorable married couple these two would make.

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