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Mark Cuevas Earnings From Love Is Blind; The Fitness Trainer's Net Worth Details

Updated On 01 Jun, 2022 Published On 04 Mar, 2020
Mark Cuevas Earnings From Love Is Blind; The Fitness Trainer's Net Worth Details

If any of you like us assumed that the Love Is Blind contestants were paid a hefty of money by the Netflix's production team, then get your clown dress on tonight.

Speaking of which, Mark Cuevas was one of the contestants on Netflix's recent hottest reality romance show starring fellow co-stars Cameron Hamilton, Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. And, apparently, like all of the participants including Cuevas, none of them were financially supported by Netflix. That, however, doesn't mean Mark is economically unstable.

So, How Does Love Is Blind Mark Cuevas Make Money?

To even begin with, Netflix's dating series aka Love Is Blind might have been nothing but full idiocy but everything you guys watched was not fake. Yes, all of those thirty contestants were reportedly paid zero dollars, but all those dramas, emotions and romances were real and true.

Needless to say, they were only on the show for one reason; to find love and experiment on a wholly mad journey. But, it would be also naive of us to think that none of the contestants didn't consider the show's benefits that would yield to their careers and life, altogether.

We mean, it's a goddamn Netflix show. Who would want to miss out on the opportunity to be featured on the biggest movie streaming platform's show? And, clearly, since all episodes of Love Is Blind aired, every contestant instantly enjoyed their newfound fame on social media.

Also, for instance, it's reported that Mark Cuevas was previously in a relationship with another woman before he met his former fiancee, Jessica Batten on the reality show.

Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten at the altar where the fitness trainer was rejected. SOURCE: Pop Sugar

Cuevas, in fact, dumped his ex-girlfriend to get on the show where he, sadly, couldn't prove that love is blind as Jessica dumped him at the altar. However, since the news is not proven to be true, all that we can do is take the rumors with a pinch of salt. But, why would Mark do that?

Apparently, Cuevas wanted to promote his business. In case you didn't know he is a personal fitness trainer who currently works as a sales manager at Solcioty Fitness Buckhead. And, since Netflix dropped the dating show, all of the contestants including Mark's social media followers instantly multiplied at a speed of light.

Needless to say, at the modern age of social media marketing, there is no doubt Mark won't accumulate more wealth through paid sponsorship endorsements, product publicity, and promotion. Not to mention, the fitness pro already gained nearly 400k followers on Instagram in a couple of months.

Mark Cuevas Earning As A Fitness Trainer; Career Details

By the looks of Mark Cuevas's body that flaunts sexy six-packs and toned muscles and whatnot, one thing is definite that Mr. Cuevas has been in the fitness business for years. Now, based mostly in Los Angeles, Mark who originally hails from Chicago also possesses skills in other respective fields.

Love is Blind star Mark Cuevas is a personal trainer at Solcioty Fitness Buckhead. SOURCE: Mark Cuevas Instagram

The five feet nine inches tall trainer previously worked as a general manager at American Bodyworks where he increased sales by 50% in the first quarter by working there from Jan to August 2014, according to Mark's LinkedIn profile.

He went to Georgia State University where he graduated with a degree in Marketing then plied his trade at LA Fitness as Sales Consultant from Aug 2014 to Feb 2015. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer then served as Account Manager at Sunshine Parking for nearly two years from Aug 2015 till May 2017.

Cuevas, likewise, contributed for another twenty-two months from Jan 2017 till October 2018 at CytoSport, Inc. where he increased product sales with customer dealing, marketing, and advertising. And, it was after two months he worked at F45 Training from July 2017 till May 2019, Cuevas joined Solcioty Fitness Buckhead where he is still involved at, as of March 2020.

Love Is Blind Mark Cuevas makes earnings through his career as a fitness trainer. SOURCE: Mark Cuevas Instagram

On average, personal trainer charges their trainees anywhere from $30 - $500 per session. But, on the terms of Cuevas, a highly skilled trainer who is also a sales manager, we can guarantee that he makes more money than that. Just like Jamie Eason, and Kim Syma, he has been successful with his career.

Although the exact amount of money he makes and the figure of his net worth are confusing in the meantime, it's safe to estimate that Mark Cuevas has made more than $100,000 throughout his career.

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