The about to be 50 years Parker Posey has dated many of her co-stars till now. But she seems a little off from her personal life these days. Her fans seem to be curious about her current relationship or does she have a husband in secret?

Unlike her professional life, she has experienced many ups and downs in her personal life. Let's see what we know about this actress so far.   

The Relationship Status Of Parker Posey: Dating Or Married To Someone?

Parker Posey is a well-known actress who has screened in famous movies like Dazed and Confused alongside, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Jason London and Milla Jovovich as the main stars. 

She is currently busy with the role of Dr. Smith in the TV series Lost in Space. It is the Netflix remake of 1965 series of the same name. Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, Molly Parker, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall are some of the cast members of the show. 


Parker Posey screening on Dazed and Confused

Parker had been in several relationships with her co-stars with whom she worked in movies. This actress is about 50 years now but has she decided to get married yet or is she going to continue her dating life? Who knows!!


Parker Posey is rising at movies
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This actress has preferred to stay tight-lipped about her personal life so far. As of now, the actress has not been spotted with anyone. She might be dating someone secretly without letting her fans know but for now, there is no information as such. 

Parker Posey's Past Affairs And Relationships: Dated Whom So Far?

She has been linked to several successful men so far but none of her relationships worked out.

Parker once revealed to the camera that she first dated Jimmy Fallon, the host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Their relationship did not go too well so they had to break up.


Parker Posey with Jimmy Fallon while working together
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She then dated Musician Ryan Adams. Posey can be seen in some of Ryan's songs and they were seen together at Adam's events. But the spark did not last too long either. 

Not only them, she was allegedly linked to an Irish actor and director Stuart Peter Townsend. They dated in the late 90's, during the peak of her career. 


Parker's ex-boyfriend,  Stuart Peter Townsend
Source: MediaMass

She also dated the famous Canadian actor, director, producer, musician, Keanu Charles Reeves who is renowned for his movies like The Matrix, John Wick. They dated in 2008 and the ex-couple split up after dating for a while.

There were also news of her and American editor and author Thomas Beller being an item. She was spotted with Zack Leroy; an adopted son of Timothy Leary.


Parker Posey spotted with Keanu Reeves
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Seems like Parker has linked to several men in her life What could be the possible reason behind her decision to not marry? Let's wait until she reveals the reason behind it. 

Parker Posey: Quick Facts


  • She was born on November 8, 1968 (age: 49).
  • Her born name is Parker Christian Posey.
  • She is the daughter of Lynda Patton and Chris Posey
  • She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • Her nickname is Queen of the Indes.
  • She has a twin brother, Christopher.
  • She studies drama from the State University of New York.
  • One of Parker's current interests is making pottery.
  • She has appeared in over 50 movies till now.
  • According to Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest, her net worth is $10 million.