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Meet Ruby Barker From Bridgerton - Ethnicity & Dating Life Details

Updated On 25 Apr, 2023 Published On 13 Jan, 2021
Meet Ruby Barker From Bridgerton - Ethnicity & Dating Life Details

Ruby Barker was such a brilliant cast on Bridgerton as Marina Thompson, and we're here for it. Her beauty, talents, and voice, everything about the young actress has gotten our attention. But, what shall her fans know about the rising artist?

Ruby Barker Isn't Sure About Her Sexuality

Actress Ruby Barker is pro LGBTQ rights as she believes in the power of love and not gender. And, one of the reasons Barker takes queer rights and equality seriously is because of her own sexuality.

Barker, however, is confused about her sexuality. But, that's perfectly normal as she is not the only person to feel this way as we can assure Ruby is not alone on this journey. But, it's really not a subject of serious concern for Barker either.

The actress thanks her family and friends for the support she has been given by them to 'see the light'. Barker once bravely shared her story on the matter through Instagram where she mentioned not being ashamed of it.

As Barker wrote in her own words, "I don't really know what it is. But life and love is beautiful so it falls in line there." And, it seems like one of her biggest supports comes from her own mother who is also a part of the LGBTQ community.

Ruby Barker on her sexuality and mother's marriage. SOURCE: Instagram

Although Barker didn't specify her mother's sexuality, she once did talk about her mother's marital relationship with a woman on the photo-sharing platforms. The marriage, in addition, which happened almost six years ago didn't last.

Is Ruby Barker Dating Anyone? Perhaps A Woman?

To get straight to the fact, actress Ruby Barker seems to be currently single. And, there has been rarely any dating rumors or a person's name romantically linked to hers. Thus, it's pretty safe to mention Barker is currently a single woman.

Actress Ruby Barker in Bangladesh. SOURCE: Instagram

On the other hand, little is known about the Bridgerton star's love life due to her secretive nature on such matters. Her fans and followers might find her talk about important social issues, share her professional works, and travel shenanigans, but rarely any relationship news yet.

Barker, however, might find the one in the future and readily share the exciting news with her fans. Whereas, in the meantime, her main concern is her career as she still has a long way to go in Hollywood.

Ethnicity Of Ruby Barker - Age & Background

The gorgeous Ruby Barker who grew up in Scotland has her heritage connected to Africa. Also, a British by nationality, Barker also seems to be interested in Buddhism, partly in Zen, as she meditates and all, like her co-star Claudia Jessie who is a devout Buddhist.

Actress Ruby Barker is proud of her Black ethnicity and race. SOURCE: Instagram

The actress who attended Elizabeth Murray School of Dance in Glasgow also previously visited the African continent, Bangladesh, and Tanzania as a volunteer for social work. She also taught English at those times. What an inspiring lady!

Before Bridgerton where she co-starred Phoebe Dynevor, Molly McGlynn, and Jessica Madsen, Barker gained recognition for her role as Daisie on Wolfblood, Nina Hobbs on Doctors, and Georgia Nixon on Cobra. She is also one of the main casts on Ed Morris's How to Stop a Recurring Dream.

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