Home Article Took Two Marriages & Divorces For Elaine Trebek Kares To Finally Find Her True Love

Took Two Marriages & Divorces For Elaine Trebek Kares To Finally Find Her True Love

Published On 12 Jan, 2020
Took Two Marriages & Divorces For Elaine Trebek Kares To Finally Find Her True Love

People usually tend to know or remember Elaine Trebek Kares, who now goes by the name Elaine Trebek Kares, as the former and first wife of television host, Alex Trebek. But, not everyone is lucky enough to know the real and legit identity of Elaine Kares.

Former Playboy bunny and tv host, Elaine Trebek Kares, currently owns and runs her own business in Los Angeles, California. One of her mostly prominent business includes Gallery GO, which was previously owned by the legendary singer, Jim Morrison. And, an independent woman in her own right, also happens to live a contentful married life with her current husband, Peter Kares.

Elaine Trebek Kares Tied The Knot With Peter Kares In 2001

Nearly after two decades of divorcing from Alex Trebek, the businesswoman realized it wouldn't hurt to get hitched again after finding her Mr. Right in her new love interest, Peter Kares, a film producer by profession.

Elaine Trebek Kares pictured with her third husband, Peter Kares, a film producer. SOURCE: The Social Diary

Specializing the exact date, Callei and Kares picked the day of 18th March in 2001 to be united as a husband and wife. And, more than nineteen years later, the couple is still going stronger together. After all, Peter is fully supportive of his wife and her business.

Before launching her own business including the perfume line called Scent Seal, the former Playboy bunny who modeled for the adult magazine under the pseudonym Teddy Howard in the sixties, also ran a television show called Call Callie and a party planning business in Canada where Mrs. Kares met and fell in love with Alex Trebek, a struggling tv host, at the time.

And, it was under the guidance of Callie, the two moved back to the United States and Trebek focused fully on his television career, and exceeded in the field with his famous game show; Jeopardy! that gave Alex the utmost success, fame, and money. 

Elaine Trebek Kares and her former second husband, Alex Trebek. SOURCE: Pinterest

In case you don't know, Alex, who originally hails from Greater Sudbury in Canada became a naturalized American citizen in 1998. During his naturalization process, Alex, however, was (and is still) married to his twenty-six years junior second wife Jean Currivan Trebek, the mother of his two children; Emily Trebek and Matthew Trebek.

Callie's Daughter Was Adopted By Alex Trebek

On the other hand, Elaine does not share any children with her third husband, despite their nearly two decades of marriage. The Ohio native, however, does share a child, a daughter named Nicky Trebek exclusively with her second spouse.

But speaking more of Nicky, she is the biological daughter of the businesswoman and her first husband aka Louis Callei. As a matter of fact, she immigrated to Canada with Louis to enhance her career. But upon her return to America, she came back with Alex as a divorced lady.

Nicky Trebek (on the far left) pictured with her step-mother, Jean Trebek, father Alex Trebek and half-siblings, Emily and Mathew Trebek. SOURCE: Survivor Net

Although Callie's exact number of togetherness with Louis is yet to be disclosed, they divorced in the early seventies. And, speaking of Alex and Elaine, they remained married for eight years from 1974 till 1981. It was also after their marriage, Alex decided to adopt her daughter. Hence, Nicky took the host's surname.

Not to mention, Nicky, a songstress and model by profession also worked on the production department of Jeopardy and still maintains a close relationship with her adoptive father.

Meanwhile, looking back at the tumultuous marriages of Elaine who is also an animal activist, the businesswoman tends to be happy to be leading a happy life after finding the true love of her life. And, did we mention, Elaine alongside her long-term partner also launched another business called, Mag-a-Music which distributes music?

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