Home Article Unmasking Stephanie Courtney's Better Half: Get Acquainted with Scott Kolanach

Unmasking Stephanie Courtney's Better Half: Get Acquainted with Scott Kolanach

Updated On 26 May, 2023 Published On 26 May, 2023
Unmasking Stephanie Courtney's Better Half: Get Acquainted with Scott Kolanach

Stephanie Courtney is a well-known actress and comedian who has been playing the role of Flo, the cheerful and helpful spokesperson for Progressive Insurance, since 2008. But who is the man behind the scenes who supports her career and shares her life? His name is Scott Kolanach, and he is a theater and lighting director who works for The Groundlings, a famous improv and sketch comedy troupe in Los Angeles. In this article, we will explore how Scott and Stephanie met, what they have in common, and what their relationship is like. We will also learn more about Scott’s background, career, and interests. Get ready to unmask Stephanie Courtney’s better half and get acquainted with Scott Kolanach!

Scott Kolanach is a Theater & Lighting Director

Scott Kolanach was born on December 2, 1974, in Stony Point, New York. He is a theater and lighting director who has worked on several productions, including The Groundlings, a famous improv and sketch comedy troupe that has produced many stars such as Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Lisa Kudrow.

Furthermore, he has also worked on the 2012 film Janeane From Des Moines, a mockumentary about a conservative Iowa housewife who becomes obsessed with Republican presidential candidates. He is also credited as a lighting designer for The ReRun Show, a comedy series that parodied classic TV shows.

Scott Kolanach Met His Wife Stephanie Courtney At Workplace

Scott Kolanach and Stephanie Courtney met at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, where she was a performer and he was the lighting director. They started dating and got married on November 25, 2008.

Scott Kolanach with wife Stephanie Courtney.

What's more, she moved to Los Angeles from New York in 2004, after graduating from Binghamton University with a degree in English. She was living with her sister Jennifer Courtney, who is also an actress and writer. They created and acted in a sketch show called Those Courtney Girls, which they showcased in LA and at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

Later, she also joined The Groundlings, where she honed her comedic skills and met her future husband. She has appeared in several films and TV shows, such as Blades of Glory, Mad Men, The Heartbreak Kid, House, The United States of Tara, and The Goldbergs

Do Scott Kolanach & Stephanie Courtney Have Children?

Scott Kolanach and Stephanie Courtney are a married couple who work in the entertainment industry. Scott is a theater and lighting director while Stephanie is an actress and comedian. They met at The Groundlings and got married on November 25, 2008.

The lovely pair have one child together, a son whose name is not publicly known. They welcomed their son in 2010 when Stephanie was 40 years old. They live together in Los Angeles and keep their family life private. They have not shared any photos or details of their son on social media or in interviews. They seem to be very happy and devoted to each other and their child.

How Did She Get The Role of Flo?

Stephanie Courtney landed the role of Flo, the iconic spokesperson for Progressive Insurance, in 2007. She had been auditioning for various commercials and was looking for a steady gig. She created the character on the spot, based on her personality and some of her friends. She portrayed Flo as a friendly and enthusiastic salesperson who loves her job and her customers.

Stephanie Courtney landed the role of Flo.  

The casting directors were impressed by Stephanie Courtney’s improv skills and comedic timing. They liked how she made her character stand out from the typical insurance agents. They decided to hire her for the role and gave her a lot of creative freedom to develop Flo’s personality and style. She has been playing Flo ever since, appearing in more than 100 commercials and becoming one of the most recognizable faces in advertising.

What Are Some of Her Other Roles Besides Flo?

Stephanie Courtney is not only the face of Progressive Insurance as Flo but also a versatile actress and comedian who has worked in various films and television shows. Some of her notable movie credits include The Brothers Solomon, Blades of Glory, The Heartbreak Kid, and Fred: The Movie. She has also shown her comedic skills in shows like Tom Goes to the Mayor, Mad Men, Cavemen, The Goldbergs, and 2 Broke Girls.

Besides her on-screen roles, she is also an active member of The Groundlings, a famous improvisational and sketch comedy theater in Los Angeles. She joined the theater in 1995 and has performed in several shows with other talented comedians. She has also taught classes and workshops at The Groundlings School. She is a talented and funny performer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Scott Kolanach’s Wife Earns $1 Million a Year

Stephanie Courtney’s most famous role is Flo, the enthusiastic and friendly spokesperson for Progressive Insurance. She has been playing the character since 2008 and has appeared in over 100 commercials. The actress earns $1 million per year for her work as Flo. However, she also has a total net worth of $6 million.

Stephanie Courtney has an incredible net worth of $6 million as of now.  

Flo has become a pop culture phenomenon and has amassed a loyal fan base. She has her own Facebook page with over 5 million followers and her merchandise line. She has also been parodied by other celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston.

Scott Kolanach Voiced His Opposition to United Airlines’ Public Disaster

In 2017, Scott Kolanach made headlines when he tweeted his outrage over the infamous incident where United Airlines forcibly removed a passenger from an overbooked flight. Kolanach posted a screenshot of his email to United Airlines canceling his membership and demanding a refund. He also wrote “You are dead to me” and tagged the airline’s official account.

Kolanach’s tweet went viral and received over 15,000 likes and 4,000 retweets. Many people praised him for his bold move and expressed their support for his decision. Some also joked that he should get Flo to switch his airline insurance to Progressive.

Scott Kolanach is a Friend of The ReRun Show Actor Mitch Silpa

Scott Kolanach is not only a colleague but also a friend of Mitch Silpa, an actor and comedian who starred in The ReRun Show alongside Stephanie. Silpa is also known for his roles in Bridesmaids, Spy, Nobodies, and The Happytime Murders.

Kolanach and Silpa have been seen hanging out together on social media. In 2016, Silpa posted a photo of himself with Kolanach and Courtney at the premiere of Ghostbusters, which featured another Groundlings alumna Melissa McCarthy. Silpa captioned the photo "My favorite people".

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