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Big Sean went to the Chiropractor & grew Two Inches

Updated On 04 Aug, 2021 Published On 04 Aug, 2021
Big Sean went to the Chiropractor & grew Two Inches

The Detroit rapper Sean Michael-Leonard Anderson aka Big Sean insisted he's added a two-inch growth spurt to his height and thanks to going to a chiropractor regularly. The 33-year-old music artist took to his Instagram to share a video claiming he's just as tall as someone who's 5'10.

The 33-year old musical artist Big Sean on Tuesday Morning, August 3, took to his Instagram Stories and shared a video claiming he's just as tall as someone who's 5'10 while thanking a chiropractor. 

Big Sean claims of growing 2 inches taller this year by regularly visiting the Chiropractor. SOURCE: Instagram(2cool2bl0g)

''How da f*** I grow 2 inches? Chiropractor for a year straight twice a week, thats how. Straight Spine thats how. Im laughing cause its real. Chiropractor for a year straight twice a week, that''s how. Straight spine that's how." said the rapper.

Well, Big Sean took a weekly appointment with his chiropractor to straighten his spine & stopped him from slouching. He stood side-by-side with his 5'10 friend Ronnie in front of a mirror to illustrate the height differential he was referring to. There, G.O.O.D rapper indeed appeared to be slightly taller.

The rapper was photographed in Beverly Hills, a fashion show.  SOURCE: Instagram(2cool2bl0g)

Likewise, the Grammy-winning rapper added that people" try to hate on" him, saying he's only 5-foot-six. However, he insisted he'd grown"like a couple of inches. The Bounce Back artist remained vocal about his mental health, too, including his physical health. Sean, in October 2020, spoke on a news outlet about his struggle with anxiety & the necessity of teaching kids about the subject from an early age.

Nonetheless, the Detroit native insisted that people often have a misconception that he's about 5'6. He added, "No, for real, I probably grew like a couple of inches." 

The Detroit Big Sean at the Grammy Awards. SOURCE: Instagram(2cool2bl0g)

In addition, the rapper, whose real name is Sean Michael-Leonard Anderson, told the news outlet that his mentor when he was younger also had the name, Sean with a height of 6'8 and that they flipped nicknames to be funny, with him being called Big Sean while his mentor got the nickname Little Sean.

Sean continued, "He was like,6'8'' and I was like 11,12 years old so I was like 4'8" to be final, I said, 'You guys gotta call me Big Sean and him Little Sean". The rapper added, "I got the name growing up in Detroit'.

Further, The Body of Beverly of Hills Wellness center's experts said that while chiropractors can't actually make you a few inches taller, patients can notice a change in height after a few sessions with their chiropractor.

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