Home Article Fox News Reporter Juliet Huddy has accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment: Has been divorced three times: Currently dating boyfriend John Fattorusu

Fox News Reporter Juliet Huddy has accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment: Has been divorced three times: Currently dating boyfriend John Fattorusu

Updated On 21 Jun, 2018 Published On 22 Feb, 2017
 Fox News Reporter Juliet Huddy has accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment: Has been divorced three times: Currently dating boyfriend John Fattorusu

Juliet Huddy is an American reporter and a former Fox network news reporter. She is kim Kardashian of the news industry as she have long lists of boyfriends.

She is one of the most accomplished journalists of the Fox News Network and one of the most controversial as well. Juliet Huddy recently accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment.

Juliet has been involved with multiple men and today MarriedWiki has covered all that you want to know about her relationship history.   

Fox News Reporter Juliet Huddy Accused Bill O'Reilly Of Sexual Harassment

After leaving the Fox Network in 2016, Juliet Huddy told something that shook the country. She claimed that in 2011 when she was at the peak of her career, Bill asked her to give sexual pleasure in exchange for good posts in the job.


Bill O' Reilly who was accused of sexual harassment by FNC reporter Juliet Huddy
Source: NY Times

She stated that at that time Bill has significant power over her career and he tried to gain some closeness with her.

When she denied his requests he would threaten her that he will destroy her career.

Juliet also said that he would call her repeatedly and would sound as if he is masturbating. He once called her in a hotel room and welcomed her with a boxer shorts.

She said all this after Roger Ailes was ousted from the Fox News Network. Many websites have stated that she is Roger Ailes goddaughter, but she has denied the claim.

After the news, she was given six figures salary by the Fox News Network to settle the dispute. No words are out yet as to which way this case is going to go.

Juliet Huddy, Married Three Times

Juliet Huddy has been married three times and engaged twice. She is known for her open book nature and her entire life has been played out in front of us.

Juliet Huddy
Source: My How Book

However, Huddy has tried very hard to not let anyone know about her marriage life, and it does come as a surprise to all of us, as a woman who is not shy of hiding her personal life would do so.

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Political Science and Sociology, she began her career as a reporter at a tender age of 23.

Source: Pinterest

At such a young age she reached the height of her career and became an example to all of us.

She married Doug Barrett on January 23, 2009, in a small event which was conducted by Jeanine Pirro. Her best friend Julie Roginsky was also at the ceremony. 

Her Husband Doug Barrett

Doug is currently working as West Coast Manager of Pinterest. This guy was a whole package, to say the least. 

If we look at all the experiences he has one can easily say that he was very much focused on his career and that is why he is in this position.

He has also worked for Entertainment Weekly and USA Today.

Divorced Three Times

All of her marriages were short-lived that even it could have broke Kim Kardashian's record of the shortest wedding. It only lasted five months as they got divorced in June 2009.

Source: Contact Music

As per her, it was very heartbreaking for her to realize that she is not a good partner for her husband.

Juliet blames herself due to the fact that she has been divorced two times prior to her marriage with Doug. We realize that she blames herself for all the failed marriage but maybe the fault was from both sides.

Not much is known about her first and second marriage, but we do know that her second husband was someone named Dan Green.

They met during their time at KADY-TV and got married in between the 1990s or late 1990s. 

Long lists Of Boyfriends

Huddy also has the long lists of affairs with various media personalities. She must have really tried to stick with that one guy who can be the one for her.

Katy Tur with ex-boyfriend John Wright
Source: Suggest-Keywords

She has dated John Wright and got engaged with him in 2013. At that time many of us thought that she is giving herself another chance after suffering three divorces.

But it was just another wrong turn for her as they broke their engagements after a mere few weeks. She then dated a big vine merchant named John Jordan.

Juliet Huddy with ex-boyfriend John Jordan
Source: Flickr.com

And apparently, they got engaged as well, as she was spotted showing her ring on one of the shows that she was anchoring on.


Christmas 2016

A post shared by Juliet Huddy (@juliethuddytv) on

Juliet is recently dating musician John Fattorusu from 2015. It seems the couple met together at a Karaoke session as both of them share the same interest in Karaoke.

Juliet with her current boyfriend John Fattorusu
Source: Twitter

The couple is seen hanging out with their friends and they looked so happy together. They sometimes go on vacation together and sometimes they go do Karaoke together.



A post shared by Juliet Huddy (@juliethuddytv) on

Juliet left Fox in 2016 and she has now decided to open her music company. It seems that this is not a single decision as her boyfriend is linked with the music industry and they may be doing things together on this.

Let us hope that she will stick with her new boyfriend this time and eventually get married and have children.

Juliet Huddy Married Her Boyfriend

John Fattoruso is a bearded guy who became Juliet's fourth husband. They took their wedding vows on 23rd June 2017 in New Jersey.

Juliet Huddy with her husband John Fattoruso
Source: Pinterest

Apparently, the couple's chemistry revolves around the fact that Juliet is passionate about rock/metal and John happens to be a guitarist in the band Zire's war. They have not welcomed any children yet, although their fans are hoping to see this adorable pair alongside cute kids of their own.

Quick Facts About Juliet Huddy

  • Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Juliet Huddy is the popular news reporter, formerly working for Fox News Channel.
  • Daughter of the television producer, Erica Huddy.
  • Graduated from Langley High School in 1987.
  • Majored in Political Science with minor in sociology from the University of Missouri.
  • started her career in the news industry as the reporter for KARO-FM morning newscast.
  • Became executive producer of Armed Response, a finalist for IRIS award given by NATPE.
  • Joined Fox News in 1998 and later on replaced E.D Hill on Fox & Friends.
  • Became permanent co-host of Fox & Friends alongside Mike Jerrick and Julian Philips.


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