Home Article How Much Is Edd China's Net Worth? Know More About His Income Sources And Salary

How Much Is Edd China's Net Worth? Know More About His Income Sources And Salary

Updated On 08 Aug, 2019 Published On 05 Aug, 2019
How Much Is Edd China's Net Worth? Know More About His Income Sources And Salary

Widely known as the presenter of Discovery Channel's television show Wheeler Dealers, Edd China is a mechanic, motor specialist, and inventor.

The creator of the YouTube channel Edd China's Garage Revival, Edd China overall net-worth is reported to be $3 million. Let's find out in detail about his net worth, including income and salary.

Edd China is an Engineer; Know more about His Education and Inventions

Edd China is a native of England who attended King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey. He later joined London South Bank University and graduated with a degree in engineering product design, so he is a certified engineer.

 Edd China with the Casual Lofa.
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While in college, Edd designed Casual Lofa, which is a driving sofa. The car was a huge success and in a way, help kickstart his television career. The Lofa appeared in various car shows such as Top Gear Live, The Big Breakfast, Scraphead Challenge and This is Your Life

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Edd, after gaining familiarity with TV, started getting hosting gigs on car shows.  He hosted short-lived television series named Auto Trader television and Classic Car Club.

Edd China Became the Part of the most-watched car Show; What is that show? 

Edd China shares a similar success story with reality TV star Marty Raney. He was an Alaskan native who gained fame after appearing in Discovery Channel's show Homestead Rescue with children Matthew Riles and Misty Raney. Edd similarly, got his big breakout when he was hired by the Discovery Channel to present the show Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer.

China also worked as a mechanic in the program and played a huge role in revamping the cars. The show struck the chord with its viewers, and the show is still airing after 14 seasons.

Edd China with Mike Brewer on the promotional poster of Wheeler Dealers.

Edd shocked many of his fans when he announced on 21 March 2017, that he is leaving the show because of creative differences. He was in the show for 13 seasons and collected a salary of 74,032 per year from the show.

Edd China Life after Wheeler Dealers

After the show ended, Edd moved back to England with his wife Imogen China and continued to work on new inventions. He also started his YouTube channel Edd China, which has over 397,455 subscribers and earns $239- $3.8 thousand per year. YouTube, is a lucrative business and content creator such as Mark Dohner earns $80,000 yearly from his YouTube channel.

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Edd China is not only an inventor but an entrepreneur also. He used his earning well and invested properly in various business ventures. He is the owner of  the company Cummfy Banana Limited.

China Edds Quick Facts

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  • Edd China is television personality however he has a fear of live television and audiences terrify him. 
  • He's sure got genius genes from his father. His father was part of the team that sent the first British satellite into space.
  • His father died of suicide. He Killed himself by standing in a railway line.
  • Edd China has together 7 Guinness World Record. 
  • Edd is happily married to his wife Imogen China, but do not bear any children.
  • His height is 6 feet 7 inches.

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