Home Article Mean Girls Star Lizzy Caplan Marries Boyfriend Tom Riley in Italy!! Congratulations to the Couple!

Mean Girls Star Lizzy Caplan Marries Boyfriend Tom Riley in Italy!! Congratulations to the Couple!

Updated On 05 Sep, 2017 Published On 05 Sep, 2017
Mean Girls Star Lizzy Caplan Marries  Boyfriend Tom Riley in Italy!! Congratulations to the Couple!

Mean girls star Lizzy Caplan finally married her long time love Tom Riley in a grand event in Italy in presence of a number of Hollywood stars.

Mean Girls star Lizzy Caplan is head over heels with her husband Tom Riley this time. Yes! the most awaited event is finally accomplished.

Lizzy and Tom married in a grand ceremony in Italy in presence of a number of celebrity stars organized with gorgeous flowers, wine, and an awesome reception.

Know more about the couple over here. 

Lizzy Caplan: Happily Married to boyfriend Tom Riley

The Masters of Sex star tied a knot to the British actor and producer Tom Riley in Italy over Labor Day weekend.

The happy groom shared an amazing black and white image of the event on Monday, 4 September that captioned:

"This one seems fertile. She shall make a satisfactory first wife."

Hmm.. the occasion looked historic!

Lizzy and Tom pretty cozy in a photo shoot, Source: Hollywood Life

The blessed duo exchanged vows in Ravello, an Italian town on the Amalfi Coast near the Tyrrhenian Sea. Among many who attended the ceremony, Bachelorette co-star James Marsden, and stylist Ilaria Urbinati were the highlight of the event.

Love Birds!!


This one seems fertile. She shall make a satisfactory first wife.

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The celebrity stylist shared her experience, how she enjoyed the event on the Amalfi Coast via an Instagram post she shared on 3 August.

"Thank you Ravello and the amazing group of friends this weekend - I hadn't laughed that hard, eaten so well, stayed up so late, danced, and drank so much wine in way too long," she wrote. "And got to witness so much love between two people that I also hadn't been moved to quite so many tears in a while."

Laughing on their own!!

Furthermore, about 100 guests attended the nuptials as reported by a local newspaper The Bishopric. Woody Harrelson, Tom Hiddleston, Dave Franco, Octavia Spencer, Dianna Agron, Lily Collins, Chris Hemsworth and more Hollywood stars enjoyed the ceremony.

Here's another!!

Other than that, some more attractions included floral arrangements by "Prince of flowers" Armando Malafronte and Italian wines with an amazing menu prepared by Michelin-starred chef Crescenzo Scotti of the very famous Il Flauto di Pan restaurant.

Caplan and Riley got engaged at most a year back in May 2016. They took sufficient time understanding one another in a perfect sense with much time to plan their wedding.

The heavenly couple was spotted together for the very first time on the red carpet at the Prague Opera Ball in February 2016. It is said that they met in the month of January two years from now while Caplan was filming in London.

Let's congratulate the pretty couple for a happy and prosperous life ahead.

Quick Facts about Lizzy Caplan

  • Born on 30 June 1982 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Later, raised in the Miracle Mile district.
  • Her father, Richard Caplan, was a lawyer, and her mother, Barbara, was a political aide.
  • Is the youngest of three children with a brother, Benjamin and a sister, Julie.
  • Her mother died of illness when she was 13 years of age.
  • Attended Alexander Hamilton High School and was the student at the school's Academy of Music.
  • Graduated in 2000 but didn't attend college.
  • She is the godmother of the daughter of actress Busy Philipps and screenwriter Marc Silverstein.
  • Dated actor Matthew Perry from 2006 to 2012.
  • Performed in a number of movies that include Orange County, Love Is the Drug, Crossing Over, Hot Tub Time Machine, High Road, Save the Date, Bachelorette, and The Interview.
  • Nominated for many awards including Teen Choice Awards in 2016. 
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million dollars.


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