Martha MacCallum is a news anchor for Fox News and is currently hosting 'The First 100 Days'. She is known for her everlasting beautifulness and is married to Daniel John Gregory. The couple got married on 1992 and have three children together. 

Martha was born in Buffalo, New York to Elizabeth B. and Douglas C. MacCallum Jr. She was always interested in journalism and politics as she did her degree in political science. She has been married once in her entire lifetime and is very happy with her current marriage.

Blissful married life with husband Daniel John Gregory

The couple tied the knot on August 22, 1992, in New Jersey at St. Elizabeth Church. The ceremony was not that big as both Martha and Daniel wanted it to be small and sweet.

Both of their parents were there to give their blessing to the newly wed couple.

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Their marriage life is going very well and there is no news about any spark in their relationship. She is currently the most influential anchor in Fox News network

Although Martha was once linked with her co-host of the show America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmerhowever, it seems like it was all the baseless rumors. 

Who is Daniel John Gregory?

Daniel did his graduation from Villanova University which is located in Radnor Township, a suburb northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the

He is the current president of the packaging firm called Gregory Packaging Inc. which was founded by his father Mr. Edward R. Gregory.

When his father stepped down from the position then Daniel was elected as the next president of the company. 

Children with Daniel John Gregory

Both Daniel and Martha are blessed with three children. The couple has two sons and one daughter between them. They are all grown up now and go to high school.

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The couple has raised their children with utmost care and they are so lucky to have parents like them.

Divorce Rumor 

At one time there was a strange rumor circulating Martha and Daniel that things are not working for them and they may split up for good.

And to add to that rumor another rumor came knocking that Martha is having an affair with her co-host, Bill Hemmer. 

However, the news disappeared randomly just like it appeared randomly. Everything pointed towards that the couple has no martial problems at all and they are just very happy with each other. 

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Martha is surely a loving wife and a mother to her three children. Fate is not going to play its card in their relationship anymore as their love for each other will overcome anything.