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Fans Are Shocked Learning Jessica Batten & Kelly Chase Were Friends Before Love Is Blind

Updated On 11 Mar, 2020 Published On 11 Mar, 2020
Fans Are Shocked Learning Jessica Batten & Kelly Chase Were Friends Before Love Is Blind

Just when we thought the whole thing with Love Is Blind couldn't get weirder, Jessica Batten discloses she knew Kelly Chase for freaking ten years before the show. But, some fans aren't surprised for a reason.

Truly, Jessica Batten never failed to deliver the viewers of Love Is Blind, the latest sensational reality dating show on Netflix with surprises and jaw-dropping scenes. Batten is, in fact, still not done yet.

Currently based in LA, Jess recently made a shocking revelation on a Q&A session on her IG Story to one of the fans that she actually knew fellow contestant Kelly Chase for a whopping of ten years before the pair joined the Love Is Blind social experiment. Small world indeed?

"Did you know Kelly before the show?" was the question asked by the curious fan on Instagram.

To make the whole thing even more dramatic and mind-blowing, Jessica in her truest form attached a picture of herself with Chase over the background. Both Jess and Kelly who look rather much younger on the snap can be seen smiling side by side on a cruise.

Love Is Blind casts Jessica Batten and Kelly Chase have been friends for more than ten years. SOURCE: Jessica Batten Instagram

Basically, Jessica and the health coach met each other more than a decade ago through a friend circle of one of their former boyfriends. And, if you notice, all the casts were based in Atlanta during the filming to make it easier for their dating life.

The surprising news was indeed a big matter for a lot of viewers since Netflix never showcased nor left a single clue of their secret friendship on the reality dating show where they both signed up to find their potent husband through blind dates.

Some of the fans, on the other hand, however, weren't as surprised as the rest citing that it made sense how both of them couldn't find what they were looking for and walked out of the show as a single woman after rejecting their fiances at the altar.

Jessica Batten alongside Mark Batten. SOURCE: Pinterest

As seen on the first season of Love Is Blind, 15 men and women tried to find their significant half based on their emotional connection with someone they didn't see in person till they were engaged.

Whilst Kelly became engaged to former fiance Kenny Barnes whom she ditched at the altar, Jessica refused to marry fitness trainer Mark Cuevas at the end.

The wine-drinking pro with a controversial 'weird' baby voice had a much climactic story as she also developed feelings for another man, Matt Barnett who rejected her and proposed Amber Pike. Whatsoever, in the end, Jessica and Kelly made it clear of no intention to not get married.

Anyway, a fan tweeted: "Kelly and Jessica were friends before the show! Why on earth I’m I not surprised?!" whilst another funnily said: "Of course Kelly and Jessica were friends before the show. They deserve each other."

Jessica who now the fans regard as 'Messica' is totally unbothered, though. The blonde beauty who has no issues with sharing wine with her golden retriever on the same glass recently share a relaxing bikini picture with the caption: "Chillin’ like a villain," Someone, give her an Award already.

Meanwhile, in other news, fellow contestants Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton who met and got married through the show want to have another wedding and reception.

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