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Matt Barnett & Amber Pike From Love Is Blind Happily Married; Where Is Lauren Chamblin?

Updated On 10 Mar, 2020 Published On 10 Mar, 2020
Matt Barnett & Amber Pike From Love Is Blind Happily Married; Where Is Lauren Chamblin?

Only two couples made it out at the end of Love Is Blind's first season. And, one of them was Matt Barnett and Amber Pike. The reality show was filmed more than a year ago before Netflix finally premiered it in February 2020. But, are Mr. and Mrs. Barnett still together? Yes, surprisingly, they are.

It's super crazy to even begin with. The fact that people actually signed up for a reality show to find the love of their life and that some of them even actually found their partner, someone they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

Speaking of which, the viewers only watched two couples saying 'I do' at the altar on the final episode of Love Is Blind. Unbelievably it was Matt Barnett and wife Amber Pike alongside fans' favorite couple, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed who are still happily together a year and a half later.

Amber Pike and her husband Matt Barnett met on Love Is Blind. SOURCE: Love Is Blind Teaa Instagram

Lauren and Hamilton, still living their fairytale love story is cute as hell. But, Barnett and Pike, who are as well together is super surprising considering the fact that he grew romantically interested in three different women. Not to let it go, some fans even labeled Barnett as a f*ckboy.

How It All Began For Matt Barnett & Amber Pike On Love Is Blind?

Love is actually blind for the Atlanta based engineer and Amber Pike who fell in love through pods' walls via blind dates. As shown by Netflix, Love Is Blind began filming in October 2018 where thirty singles in total participated to experiment whether love was actually blind or not. Whilst some proved it, some couldn't.

Matt Barnett also had feelings for Lauren Chamblin. SOURCE: Netflix

Interestingly, Matt Barnett proved it when he popped the question to Pike in less than three weeks of their whirlwind romance. Getting himself to such a significant decision, however, wasn't easy for Barnett who had longing feelings for two other women including Jessica Batten and Lauren Chamblin. It was indeed one hell of a love (triangle) story, to say the least.

Basically, as all those thirty women and men began talking and flirting through the pods' walls, Barnett built emotional connections with not just one but three ladies. And, till a few days before he had to pick the right person to get engaged to, Matt's heart was still all puzzle. But, sooner or later, he needed to make the decision. Barnett gave it a brief thought and closely listened to his heart.

Matt Barnett and Amber Pike on their wedding day. SOURCE: Netflix

Barnett then rejected Lauren and Jessica and popped the question to Amber. Not long after the romantic scenes of these two being engaged, the lovers spent their next few days in Mexico. FLY, Jessica later became engaged to Mark Cuevas whilst Lauren headed home from the disappointing journey.

Two months later, Barnett and Pike donned in their wedding attire and exchanged their marital vows in front of their close friends and family. Amber who stunned in a plunging white bridal gown even expressed a few beautiful words on how much she loved Barnett. But, their love story of two hasn't always been beautiful, especially with drama and intention to get divorced, which were shown on Love Is Blind reunion.

Barnett & Pike Almost Divorced; Amber Called Batten 'Shiesty'

Although Jessica later became engaged to Mark and Barnett made things clear with where they stand, it was still apparent that the Regional Manager still had feelings for Amber's husband. Not to mention, Jessica tried to flirt with Barnett whilst they were in the same room as Amber. 

Surprisingly at the Bachelorette party, Jessica even kissed Amber on the lips to convince that she wasn't interested in Barnett anymore. Speaking of the kiss, fans trolled Jessica that she kissed Amber to only taste Barnett.

And, Amber, of course, wasn't having any of it all and made sure to call out Jessica on the reunion episode in front of other contestants including Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, Kelly Chase, Kenny Barnes, Carlton Morton, and Diamond Jack.

Infuriated, Amber called Jessica a 'shiesty' person for flirting with another woman's man whilst leading on her fiance. Jessica, who seemed as she was sober later apologized to Amber and Matt.

Besides, Barnett and Pike also revealed that there was a point when Jessica decided to call a divorce lawyer as things weren't on their favor citing that Barnett wasn't over his Bachelor's life and that they both were stubborn to understand each other.

Amber Pike sits on the lap of husband Matt Barnett on the Love Is Blind Reunion episode. SOURCE: Pinterest

The husband and wife worked out their relationship issues, on the bright side. And, in the meantime, the couple has been traveling to Europe and America to spark their romance. Interestingly, Barnett also shared that the couple was followed and haunted by a ghost which caused them to move into a new home.

Meanwhile, Barnett and Pike are yet to start their family. Amber, however, previously underwent an abortion procedure with a previous partner. And, if the news is correct, the Love Is Blind pair might have another wedding too.

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